A Guide to Buying the Right Wakeboarding Equipment

By: Yair Burgess

Wake boarding is a relatively new watersport. It involves participants using a wakeboard and being pulled over the water by a power boat. For a number of people, wakeboarding is a passion and there is no reason why you shouldn't try it, if you are interested. While it might be tough during the initial period, as you spend more time wakeboarding, you might be able to develop your skills and eventually pull off some stunning tricks.

Before trying this extreme sport, it is important to have the right equipment. It can be dangerous at times and the right wakeboarding equipment is the key to ensuring your safety. It is important to choose quality gear since most wakeboarding accidents are caused due to the use of substandard equipment. Every item you use, from the suit to the boots to the bindings on the board, should be made of quality materials and provide you with an assurance that you are safe.

Before choosing the right wakeboarding gear, you should try to become accustomed to the various items you will need to use. The necessary equipment includes the wakeboard itself, bindings, pylon, handles, wake skates, boots, helmets and fins. Of all of these items, the wakeboard bindings are the most important.

When looking for the perfect wakeboard, you need to consider your skills. If you are an amateur, it would be a good idea to seek help from someone with more knowledge to help you out. The board should suit your style as well. There are wakeboards on which you can incorporate your own designs as well. If you are a beginner, you need to learn the techniques involved in driving the board well. In that case, it would be a good idea to pick a board which has square edges. Wakeboard with square edges are much easier to control on the water. A wakeboard which is slightly large could also be beneficial for beginners. New riders are also advised to opt for boards which are designed to allow them to keep their natural foot forward, instead of more symmetrical designs.

The boards are available in a variety of materials. They could have a core which consists of wood, honeycomb or foam, mixed with resin. The core is then covered with fiberglass. Boards which use only fiberglass are considered the best of the lot and are extremely durable. They last for years and can handle any type of water surface. However, they can be too expensive for the average wake-boarder.

The boots and bindings you buy must fit perfectly with the board. Therefore, it is important to check them thoroughly and ensure that they match perfectly. The bindings are the most critical part since it is what holds your body to the board. Make sure to inspect the bindings and check for any issues. They should also be made by a reputed company and should come with assurances. They should be comfortable as well.

Make sure that you spend time and choose the right wakeboarding equipment to get the most out of this extreme sport.

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