A Guide To The 3 Most Well-liked Wedding Ring Settings

By: jonny gervais

A Guide To The Three Most Admired Wedding Ring Settings
Buying a wedding ring is definitely an exciting time. The wedding ring represents a union, it will be a lot more than just a bit of jewellery. Thus how do you find something worthy of that level of change and significance in some ones life? Wedding rings are becoming more elaborate. The standard gold band remains popular, but there are currently many more styles to consider.

The difference between a wedding ring and most other pieces of jewellery is that the wedding ring is not taken off regularly, so it needs to be comfortable, practical and attractive.

Although one can go for any design for a wedding ring, some styles are more fashionable than others. Below is a guide to the preferred wedding ring settings.

1. Bezel setting. This might be the most striking of the wedding ring settings since the stones sit prominently above the band. The stones for this setting would often have a large stone in the middle and the size would reduce with each collar as they went around the band. This is mostly found with three stones, but five stones is fine if the primary stone sufficiently small to keep the ring looking balanced.

2. Channel setting. This setting was formerly more linked to the eternity ring, but has now risen to popularity as a wedding ring. The stones, usually all a similar dimension, are held in a channel. Unlike the eternity ring, this wedding ring setting will usually only cover half of the ring, leaving the remaining band plain.

3. Bead setting. This is a extremely popular wedding ring settings as the stones are imbedding within the band, so they are totally flat. The stones produce a sparkle on the ring. The band is usually engraved as well, the two most popular themes are either stars round the stones or even a more involved engraving, possibly flowers or vines which wrap around the band and incorporate the stones in the design. This is a straightforward, easy to clean, practical style.

As stated above a wedding ring must be practical. The prong setting which you will also see for many stones is generally used for solitaire and often found on engagement rings. With this setting the stone will sit quite high and may consequently not be the most sensible wedding ring settings option.

The advantages of the bead and channel settings are that the stones are completely flush with the band, so they will be protected and comfortable for all situations.

Another issue to think about is the flexibility that you require from your wedding ring. Styles and fashions are continuously changing; it's worth remembering that your wedding ring setting needs to fit with all the as yet unwritten styles of the future.

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