A Guide To Healing Acne Naturally

By: Erica Polaris

Healing acne naturally is the best course of action as it is now recognised that acne is a 'natural' condition. Even though there are sufferers who get some relief through use of prescribed medicines. These should be a last resort due to their toxic ingredients. In fact, in the UK, a teenager died as a result of takingprescribed tablets to cure his acne. It is thought that he took an allergic reaction to a color that was used in the ingredients. Therefore it is wise to be safe and manage acne through the use of mother natures remedies.
There are certain things that can exacerbate acne and need to be eliminated. However, lets firstly consider some of the things that will definitely help:
Water. Not just any water too. Drinking plenty of alkalizing water helps to speed up the process of eliminating toxins from the body. Onef the causes of acne is the accumulation of toxins in the body. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is also one of the ways in which toxins is excreted. If your body doesn't get enough water then it will be unable to rid it of toxins, which will then end up clogging the pores, causing unsightly spots. So it makes sense to increase water intake which also helps to improve circulation giving the skin a more healthier appearance.
Healing acne naturally also involves some key changes to your diet. The obvious is introducing more fruit and vegetables. However, not just any. Green vegetables, especially, are also very alkalizing and cleansing to the skin. Lemons and grapefruits are also great, as is wheatgrass.
Herbal remedies have been used long before conventional medicines for healing acne naturally, and have been very effective. Certain herbal products are particularly effective in the treatment of acne and these include: nettle, aloe vera, neem and more notably, tea tree oil.
All of these natural remedies are wonderful, however, unless particular foods and products are eliminated - at least until the acne is cleared up - then they will have very limited affect.
The most important thing that needs to be avoided is junk foods. These foods are laden with saturated fats, sugars and processed ingredients which are highly toxic to the body. Those that use natural remedies and still suffer from acne believe they don't work, but fail to understand that it is largely due to the foods they are eating that is stopping the remedies from working their magic!
As you know, the skin excretes a lot of toxins that build up in the body. However, if it is covered in makeup and creams then it will not be able to do this effectively.
There are creams and makeup, such as mineral foundation, that use only natural ingredients, however most contain toxic ingredients which further hinders the process of elimination. Makeup and creams should be used only if necessary and contain only natural ingredients - at least until the acne has cleared.
For some people, particularly those that have severe acne, it will often take weeks to see any improvement. However, for most people, positive results are often seen in a matter of days.
So throw away those toxic pills and look forward to healthy, glowing skin again. Discover a hidden secret to healing acne naturally.

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Erica Polaris is a prolific researcher and writer of skin care health and natural health products. She shares her research on natural acne remedies. at her website which includes great tips and recommendations.

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