A Glimpse At Pepper Spray

By: William Ward

There are a few ways that people can take care of themselves if attacked, whether by another human or an animal. One of the most safe and effective ways is by using pepper spray on the assailant. It is an inexpensive and easy weapon to find and purchase. It comes in many different containers, including one small enough to fit on a keychain.
The active ingredient in pepper spray is Oleoresin Capsicum and it is a natural byproduct of cayenne pepper. On contact, it causes the eyes to swell and burn. It also causes the pupils to dilate, causing temporary blindness. In very rare cases, it has caused death but this is very unlikely.
Defense spray is not only for the safety of ordinary citizens, it is also used by law enforcement officers and wardens at prisons. It can be used against one perpetrator but it is commonly used for crowd control and to gain control over riots. Sometimes pepper spray is used by hunters as extra protection from bears or dogs.
There have been a few studies on the long term effects of pepper spray. In few cases, death was contributed by using pepper spray. Defense spray with a high percentage of OC is known to be quite dangerous. The spray solution not only affects the eyes, causing almost instant closing, it also affects breathing and burns the nose and mouth. These affects can be felt for 20 minutes to several hours.
Because pepper spray is considered a weapon, there are laws that regulate the owning and selling of the product. In most states, it is illegal to sell the product to either minors or convicted felons. Some states have even stricter laws such as having to register the spray with the local police department.
Although the pepper spray tends to look easy to use, the owner should educate and possibly even receive training on how to use them correctly. The canister of pepper spray can be used as a stream of liquid, shooting up to 8 feet away and spreading up to 2 feet. It can also be used as a fog, for use with crowd or riot control.
When in a bad and harmful situation, everyone has the right to protect themselves. Pepper spray can be an answer to many that feel the need for extra protection. With a little training and education, it can effectively stop a perpetrator or assailant.

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