A Few Advantages of Owning a Memory Stick

By: Steve Mc Karmik

Owning a memory stick can make life easier in a variety of ways. With so many other forms of data storage available today it’s possible that they occasionally get overlooked as we e-mail data and store files on CD. However a memory stick is actually far more practical and versatile allowing you to transport more data more securely and far more easily. The uses for memory sticks are legion, but below are just a few examples of ways you can make yours into your best friend and of why you should always carry one on you (as they’re small enough to fit on a keyring and often come with such an attachment this is more than viable).

Backing Up Your Data – Backing up data is incredible important as any student/office worker will tell you. We’ve all suffered the experience of slaving over an essay, draft e-mail, database or report for hours only to have the computer decide to turn off and refuse to come back on. Regularly saving work can help this problem, but as files sometimes get corrupted and hard drives occasionally get infected with viruses it makes sense to back up on something external regularly. Make it a habit then to make a back up of all your day’s work on a memory stick before going home and you can be sure that your work will be there again when you next need it. In cases where whole networks of data are lost, backing up can be the difference between losing millions of dollars so don’t overlook it!

Transporting Information – A memory stick has many benefits over other forms of storage when it comes to transporting data. Firstly, as it’s contained inside a plastic casing, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will withstand bumps, falls and splashes of rain without getting damaged or losing that important data. This is a far cry from CDs which can easily get scratched or from SD cards that are prone to getting lost or snapped due to their tiny stature. At the same time however, unlike a portable hard drive or laptop computer, a memory stick is small enough to slip into a pocket or even carried by hand. This way you can transport your data from one office to another, on the train, from your office to your home… the possibilities are endless.

Working Away From the Office – Using a memory stick enables you to transport information quickly and efficiently then. While this can be great for taking data from point to another, it can also be useful for working on the go. In this way, any computer becomes simply a terminal at which to access and edit your work – possible both thanks to the small size of the memory stick, and because of its ability to be read by almost any computer without having to install any additional software or drivers. This means you can work in the office, then take the data with you and work from your laptop on the train, then plug into a computer in a library or an internet café to finish off.

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