A Day Out Fishing

By: Nicky Bullimore

I would imagine that unless you are an avid fisherman yourself, taking a day trip on a deep sea fishing boat wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind, however, when you do think about it, you are sure to think to yourself, “hmm, I wonder”.

I recently read about a group of uncivilized employees opted for a day out on a fishing boat as their annual corporate event. We are talking about insurance brokers who have never been on a boat, nevermind taking a fishing trip in the deep sea.

Ok, so it wasn’t the "Drink as many cans of beer as you can handle" event, but it was something that offered a form of competitiveness as well as getting a buzz when they felt a tug on their fishing line.

This was sure going to prove to be a fun day out as well as a bonding process between colleagues on their corporate event; which is of course the idea behind corporate events.

A day out on a deep sea fishing boat is exactly that. You start off early morning and come back late afternoon, and what happens during that time is nothing short of having a great time filled with lots of fun and laughter; especially for those who have never been deep sea fishing before.

The great thing about taking a fishing trip is that it doesn’t have the expense of needing to buy all of the equipment before you step on the boat.

Organised deep sea fishing boats have all the equipment aboard that you need as well as having qualified crewmen on board to ensure you get the most out of you fishing experience.

The crew also know where to go to find the fish to save any disappointment of not catching anything, if the fish are not in one area, they will move to another.

One of the great things about going miles out into the ocean is that you have more chance to catch fish that you probably would never expect to see, let alone catch. Sharks could be one of them. Deep sea fishing offers a completely different experience of fishing than fishing from the bank of a river.

Most people who are not used to fishing would not be able to look at a fish and know what it was called, but you would possibly recognise the name once someone tells you and that in itself will make you proud to know what you caught.

Some of the better deep seas fishing boats do have a restaurant on board, so you don’t have to worry about sandwiches and running out of food or drink, you will of course need to check according to the boat you intend to take your trip on, but more often than not, this will be included.

So, next time you are planning a day out for your corporate event, consider a day trip fishing on a boat in the sea. All you need is yourselves and a great sense of humour and the best thing is; there is no queuing up for hours on end to take the ride.

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