A Critical Review of John Reese, and the steps he took that you can take too.

By: Matthew Strout

Who the heck is John Reese?
For starters, he is the guy that generated over $1,000,000 in sales in under 24 I wouldn't mind being known for that! So what else is important for you to know about John Reese?
Has he achieved the position of top-earner in his business? Uh...did I metion that he has made a million in a day?
Would you know him from a particular company? He has the pleasure of claiming is fortune as self-made, but is main source of consistant income has recently been the 12 CD set called "Traffic Secrets. I see it advertised for $4,500. Don't trip over the cost just yet. There ar a lot of peope out there that testify to the quality of his product.
He was able to pull over 1.57 Billion visitors to his own websites with very little money, and his video training course gives the details of how he did it. That is more than a lot of the Fortune 500 companies can generate. Imagine the kind of money that most Fortune 500 companies are dumping into generating traffic.
So how did John Reese do what he did that put him in the position of an expert in the undustry? Right from his bio page on MarketingSecrets.com you find out abou the turning point in his business when a domain, that he had sold for $900 was again resold by the buyer for $1,000,000 dollars! Not bad at all I would say! In this moment he knew “that the "easy way" to make money was letting other people show you where the opportunities are.”
Ready for some brilliance? He also put together a free photo-hosting service for users on eBay. Don't miss what makes this idea so genius. How many people do you think are out there that need to put pictures with their items on eBay?. You just Garanteed traffic by solving a problem that everyone has. Advertise to the people using this service and you are making a profit instantly! Back to John.. Well, he spent $350 on the site and pulled a consistant $100K every month.
Friends, what I am about to say is soo important. There is crucial reason why he has made it so big, and there are others that have figured out what he is selling for $4,500. I would be willing to bet that you can get this training and have some pretty decent success by implementing it, but consider this. Do you really think that he has to generate leads for free anymore? Probably not with all of the people that are scrambling to buy his training.
John Reese has BRANDED his name. He has created himself into a LEADER, and that demands attention and followers. There is a simple system of steps to accomplish this for yourself and any business you are in, but you must brand yourself as a leader in the industry. Get this accomplished and you will have all the success you have ever dreamed of.
There is no way for me to put enough emphasis on the importance of getting your hands on a system that will take care of the technical stuff, leaving you to learn the Marketing that you will absolutely have to know to have any kind of success on the internet. You may be surprised to find out that there is really only ONE secret to making this happen. It is in the LIST. I am sure that you have heard this before, but has anyone showed you how to make that list?I can show you exactly how the pro's do this for free.

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