A Brief on Muay Thai

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It is believed that Muay Thai, or Thai Kickboxing, is where most forms of modern kickboxing originate. It primarily utilitzes the hands, elbows, feet, knees and legs to strike, but practicioners can also combine grappling to strike their opponent. Grappling is normally performed while standing, unlike other martial arts such as judo. Techniques derive from the ancient manual of war, the Chupasart.

Though the Chupasart detailed the effective use of weapons such as the battleaxe and sword, Muay Thai was formed from adopting these same techniques without the use of weaponry. Rather, parts of the body became the weapon.

Muay Thai began as a fighting discipline for Thai people well before the 1500s (the exact date is unknown). As a means of self defence, it was used by a Thai person to either defend their plot of land on which they lived, or to defend their country from foreign attack. Therefore, from layman to nobleman, Muay Thai was practiced by virtually everybody at every level of society.

In 1584, during the reign of King Naresuan, Muay Thai became a sport to keep soldiers in shape during a time when Thailand was at peace. More techniques were added or modified, and rules were added to change it into a sport. A match is, in fact, quite ceremonious, and involves bowing and other Most of the rules that exist in recent times were set in the 1930s.

For the Muay Thai practitioner, the right equipment is essential for a training regiment that is grueling and tedious. The right equipment includes boxing gloves, protective gear, and uniforms. The uniform is generally a pair of nylon or satin shorts, with a wide elasticized waist and legs wide enough to perform high roundhouse kicks. Normally, they are brightly coloured and have beautiful designs.

Muay Thai boxing gloves are different from regular boxing gloves. They are more compact and fit fairly snugly. Bulky boxing gloves inhibit the ability to perform a Muay Thai clinch, a sort of grappling that allows one to grab their opponent and strike them at close contact.

In training, protective gear for the head, chest, and shins is often worn to minimize injury. However, some believe that wearing protection prevents one from conditioning the body and “toughening up”. It is recommended that in the beginning, protection is worn until the practitioner becomes comfortable with their ability, and their tolerance for pain improves. Without a doubt, purchasing high quality equipment will improve your performance.

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