A Better Home with Better Lighting

By: Tom Sanderrs

Lighting fixtures can improve your home in many ways. With all the new varieties to choose from there is a wide selection of fixtures to pick from. A better selection can be found at a bigger store. These stores can often give you some valuable advice on how to use lighting to improve your home. There are a number of ways that lighting fixtures can dress up your home.
There are a number of different types of lighting to improve a low or high ceiling. To make a low ceiling have an illusion of looking higher uses floor and wall lights. Light will be reflected off the ceiling when the light is pointed upwards. Track lighting should be placed high on the ceiling to achieve this effect. Additionally you should direct the lamps on the track lighting so that they are facing upward. Torch lights also create this type of lighting.
Using different lighting effects you can make a high ceiling appear lower. Wall fixtures should be placed lower and pendent lighting can have shades on the lamps, this will prevent light from bouncing off the ceiling. A nice warm mood will be produced in a room with this type of softer lighting.
Mirrors can be used to enlarge a room, by reflecting light. To make walls look further apart, just light up opposite ones. Art work lit up at the end of a hallway can make a narrow, long hallway look better. To make this truly effective keep the other walls less well lit, attention will be drawn to the end wall.
For a more intimate feel in your bedroom you can utilize table lamps. Lamp shades with pink or yellow colors can be used. The room will be more romantic and have a relaxed atmosphere with this soft light.
To vary the mood of a room you can use different colors. To make your room more cheerful you can use shades and bulbs that are yellow. Red is a vibrant color that gives a mood of intensity and action, but blue on the other hand will make the room more calm and relaxing. People will feel better with a green light as this reminds people of nature and gives them a harmonious feeling.
The purpose of a room will determine what light fixtures you will use. More task lighting with brighter illumination will be necessary for a work place like and office, but a more relaxed mood with softer lighting is needed for a family room.
The lighting you use will be determined by the actual dcor of your room. You can bring out certain characteristics of a room with accent lighting. A useful type of lighting for this purpose is LED light bars. Stunning effects can be achieved with colored lights. This type of lighting can be created with Track lighting.

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