8 Things to Consider for Buying a Wader

By: Mikus Debra

To many anglers or fishermen, waders are the most important equipment for fishing. They believe that wearing a wader while going for fishing such as coarse fishing, lure fishing, fly fishing, and sea fishing makes the job easier and more enjoyable. Different types of waders are available but it becomes very tough to decide how to get the best wader. Here are some tips which you can consider while buying a fishing wader.

1.Cost: Cost is the first and the most important thing to consider before buying a wader. You should set a budget to spend on a wader. It is always not necessary to buy the most expensive one nor is it necessary to buy the cheapest one. Try to buy such a wader that is of good quality, suits your requirements and most importantly, goes with your budget too. If you are buying a wader for the first time then it is advisable to opt for the one which is neither too expensive nor too cheap.

2.Type of Wader: There are two different types of wader available. One is boot foot fishing wader and the other is stocking foot fishing wader. Boot foot waders are waders with boots attached to them. Stocking foot waders are those that have a neoprene stocking sewn to it. Consider where you will fish, your comfort and budget before selecting a particular type of wader. While selecting a wader donít forget to get the gravel guard. They create a seam between the waders and boots to stop the gravels from getting inside your shoes.

3.Fittings: Another important thing to consider is its fitting. Whichever wader you are buying must fit you properly. Make sure that your movement does not get hampered because of the wader. Select a wader considering where you will be fishing.

4.Comfort Level: A wader that fits you well is not everything. You need to consider whether you are comfortable with it or not. This is because you need to stand for a long time on those waders. Make sure that the wader has all the necessary belt loops and pockets in which you will need to carry the essential accessories while fishing.

5.Material: Before buying a fishing wader check out its material. The material of a wader must include neoprene, breathable material and rubber. The cost and comfort of a wader varies from material to material. Neoprene is the best option to go for if you know that you will be fishing in cold weather or in cold water.

6.Durability: Consider the durability of the wader you will choose. The task of fishing is not a smooth job. You may need to walk to and fro on the bank of the river. So, it should be tough and strong enough to resist all the circumstances.

7.Frequency of Wearing: How frequent you will be wearing your wader is a very important factor to be considered. If you plan to wear the wader twice or thrice a year then it is of no use spending high amount of money on it. But if you know that you need to wear it quite often then it is always advisable to go for the best quality wader which can be little expensive.

8.Brand: Consider the brand which provides the best quality wader in an affordable rate. You can make a research on this by browsing the Internet or by asking friends or professionals who have knowledge in this field.

These are the few things which should be considered while buying a wader for fishing.

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