7 Ways to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

By: Sara Peterson1

Consumers that use their credit cards often may face the risk of credit card fraud. Below is a list of ways for consumers to avoid credit card fraud.

1. Keep your credit cards safe. When shopping with credit cards keep them close to your body so that someone cannot easily snatch them from you. Thieves can take a picture of your credit card and use that to make purchases with it. Do not leave your credit card exposed longer than necessary. Once the purchase is completely put your credit card back into your wallet. Always make sure the customer service representative returned your card before leaving the restaurant or store.
2. Shred any paperwork with your credit card number on it. To avoid thieves from finding your credit card number in the trash always shred your billing statements before throwing them away. Also shred cancelled or expired credit cards before tossing them. You can also throw shredded pieces into separate trash cans so that thieves cannot.
3. Do not sign blank credit card receipts. Before signing the credit card receipt verify the amount applied to your card. If the receipt has blank spaces write a $0 in those spaces or draw on line through them. If it is left blank the cashier could add an amount in that space.
4. Avoid giving out your credit card information.Only give out your credit card number or other sensitive information over the phone on calls you initiated with the customer service telephone number you found on the back of your credit card. Donít give your credit card number out to anyone who calls you requesting. Credit card thieves will often pose as a credit card company or another business to trick the consumer into giving out their credit card information.
5. Be safe with your credit card online. Avoid clicking on email links from individuals you do not know or individuals pretending to be your bank, credit card company or other businesses that uses your personal information. The links in these emails are often phishing scams which try to trick consumers into filling out their personal information on their fake websites. Although making purchases online is very convenient only enter your credit card information on a secure website you trust. Secure websites will have a lock in the lower right corner of your internet browser.
6. Review your billing statements every month. If you find any unauthorized transactions on your statement contact the credit card company immediately. This is the first sign of credit card debt.
7. Report stolen or lost credit cards to the credit card company immediately. The sooner you notify the credit card company of your missing card, the less likely you will be charged for unauthorized transactions.

For more information on preventing credit cards fraud, visit National Asset Management Company in USA.

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For more information on preventing credit cards fraud, visit National Asset Management Company in USA.

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