7 Unusual Careers

By: Tony Jacowski

Everyone has their choice of what career they want to pursue. Why on earth would anybody object; after all, it is your passion. Especially when the ‘unusual career’ of your choice has a potential to pay more than many common jobs, you are more inclined to pursue it. Here I will list a few unusual jobs that are respectable and pay reasonably well.

List Of Unusual Careers

Bartending: Well, this is not just about mixing drinks. As a bartender, you will have to put in long and unusual hours, going very late to bed and getting up when it most people are already at work. There is lot of money to be made in this profession in the form of tips, especially if you deal with wealthy customers. Of course, well-known bars and restaurants hire bartenders who have a broad range of skills. A short training course and experience will help you break into this profession. It doesn’t hurt to have some well-placed networking contacts, either.

DJing: Disk Jockeying can catapult you into stardom, if you are very good. You can have your own way of playing music; you can play with sound and virtually anything that sounds good. You can look at music with a new vision and feed it to your audience while you get paid for just enjoying your music. There are not much responsibilities and instant results from your ‘customers.’ Keep in mind though, that you will need to spend a good deal of time promoting yourself; it doesn’t hurt to have others do the same.

Jewelry designing: Jewelry designing and gemology are very well paying jobs. As they say, the sky is the limit for a revolutionary jewelry designer. The demand for this profession can be understood by the near tripling of the gold price in the last decade. There will always be high demand for unusual and unique jewelry pieces.

Magazine Editor: The popularity of magazines has taken a beating from a flurry of ezines, TV shows, etc. for the last decade or so. Those which survived did so on the strength of the features covered and their design and layout. But is it really so well paying? Talk to a professional editor. It is not just important to have good features these days, you need to know how to present them well, and in a way that the readers will like. All it takes to being a path-breaking editor is an eye for detail and a quick grasp of what the audience likes.

Funeral Director: Yep, you heard right. This is really a very lucrative profession, although probably not suitable for everyone. There will never be a lack of demand for funeral directors, for obvious reasons. The scarcity of funeral professionals makes life hectic for the few available.

Greeting card writer: All those mind boggling, emotional yet simple poetry or short write-ups are not done by the card manufacturers. Just take a minute to think about the profit made if the card manufacturers have to pay a fraction of the profits to only a handful of card writers. Now that qualifies to be called lucrative.

Coffee tasters: Tea and coffee manufacturers spend millions on researching and perfecting blends that would make their brands blockbusters. And how will they know which blend is the perfect match to the research predictions? Brewers make hundreds of samples and professional tasters taste each one of them and report back to management based on their impressions and notes.

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