7 Traits of Success Superstars

By: LeeDavid

Everybody wants to be phenomenally successful, no matter what endeavor they choose to pursue in life. Unfortunately, most people concoct a grandiose dream of what they’d love to accomplish, but fail to realize they lack the necessary traits and qualities to make their dreams come true. Their habits don’t align up with what they want to accomplish. In the end, these people end up with broken dreams and a life that’s a far cry from what they’d love to have.

The term I like to use - “success superstars” - is a broad term that encompasses everybody who’s successful. Success superstars range from the average guy who lives down the street with the perfect family, to the award winning actors and actresses of today. If we could study and figure out what makes them so successful, we could discover the traits they all share. And once we do that, we can apply those traits to our own lives and achieve the same results they have. The people who fall into Paragraph #1 would then have fufilled dreams and lives.

The following list is what I have found all success superstars to have in common. As you read through it, think of how you can tweak your life to become more in line with successful people and achieve greater results.

1. Success superstars know exactly what they’re after.

Murky goals and muddled plans are foreign to success superstars - they know exactly what they want, and nothing can stop them from getting it! You see numerous examples of this in the fields of music and acting. So many of those people were lonely, starving, and barely getting by before they achieved their dreams.

2. Success superstars are highly ambitious, driven, and motivated.

Success superstars wake up motivated and charge into the day with drive and ambition. They know that they are the ones in full control of creating their reality - from the decisions they make regarding their career, to the simplistic choices about what they want to eat for lunch. Sitting around, ruminating reasons for not doing something is unheard of and foreign to them - when they decide they want something, they get to it!

3. Success superstars don’t let themselves become sidetracked.

Success superstars fully realize that distractions are always going to appear at the worst possible times. Distractions range from phone calls during the day that prevent work from being done, to career opportunities that don’t align with what you want to ultimately accomplish, to unexpected problems with friends and family. The distractions and sidetrack problems are dealt with immediately, and success superstars move on ASAP.

4. Success superstars have amazing friends and family to back them up.

Success superstars who are loners are unheard of - they always have an awesome group of family and friends who are there for them through the ups and the downs. A strong social network offers help, support, and good times; all three are found in great family and friends, and success superstars take advantage of this.

5. Success superstars see roadblocks as objects to break and smash through.

When most people wildly chase after their dream and encounter a locked door, they attempt to open it; when they realize the door is really locked, people throw their hands in the air and totally give up. Success superstars don’t do this! Instead, success superstars encounter a door, and brainstorm every possible way to get around it. Will they find the key to unlock the door somewhere else? Bust the door down? Climb through the window? Go around the house and go in the back door? Burn the door down and walk right on through? Tunnel under the house and into the room, completely surpassing the door? There are endless possibilities, but only success superstars keep throwing solutions at the problem until it’s solved.

6. Success superstars never, ever give up.

When the going gets rough, success superstars are fired up even more. Giving up on dreams and ambitions is never a viable option - success superstars always find someway to make things happen. They know that they are the ones who can make their dreams come true, and they reach for it each and every day. Giving up means giving in and being left with a shattered dream - this is unacceptable to success superstars.

7. What do you think should go here?

I’m leaving you with the 6 traits that I believe make up “success superstar” habits - but what about you? What do you think this list is lacking? What do you think should be omitted? How could you apply some of these habits to your own life?

Get working! The success superstar club isn’t VIP only!

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