7 Hot Mens Gift Ideas.

By: Peter Albonich

I write about mens gifts and mens gift ideas, and I get asked a lot of questions about buying great gifts for men. And there's one question that comes up more than any other. "What gift do I buy for the man who has enough money to buy anything he wants?"
If a man can buy anything he wants then almost by definition there's not much left he wants, so don't expect him to drop lots of hints about what he wants for his birthday, or Christmas. If he really wants it he's already bought it.
Now of course there's always men who buy whatever they want up to a certain cost. But over that they can't afford it. So if your man is like that you need to find out what it is he wants and see if YOU can afford it, often if he can't you can't either. But if there are things he wants that he can't quite afford he will probably drop hints.
But lets assume for a moment that your man can afford what he wants, and so you're a little stuck for ideas for unique and unusual birthday gifts or Christmas gifts that are going to get his juices going.
So here's 7 hot mens gift ideas that most men will love. Few will love all of them, but you know your man, there's bound to be some in there he will love. Some are cheaper, some are more expensive.
1. Lingerie. Now of course I'm not the first person to suggest lingerie as a great gift idea for a man. But it works. Men love to see their women in hot lingerie, so it's a gift for him that you wear for him. I see lots of lists of hot mens gifts ideas and lingerie is always there at or close to number 1. Affordable and it works.
Lingerie is a can't fail mens gift idea as long as you wear it for him. You can never have too much lingerie, he'll love it all.
And girls it's no excuse to say you can't find your size, there's lingerie made to fit any woman. And if he loves you large now he'll love you large wearing hot lingerie.
2. Buy him an adventure gift. Not all men love adventure, but most do. And believe it or not there are companies that cater directly to that with all sorts of adventure. Things that a man with a death wish will love right down to subtle adventure like a romantic spa for 2 at a beautiful remote location.
And for all sorts of tastes. Would he love to do his first parachute jump? Try white water rafting? Drive a tank or a supercar? Go zero-g just like the astranauts do in training? You can give him a gift of any of these things and thousands more, from the extreme adrenalin gift to the gentle and invigorating and pampering gift. The adventure gift companies cater for all tastes in outdoors and adventure and adrenalin, even to beautiful and luxurious days like wine tastings and spa days. There's something for everyone.
3. Why not an eco holiday? Men love to travel, like women, but a gift of a holiday in France might be a little ordinary. How about an adventure destination working with people who are less fortunate than us doing charity or volunteer work? There's lots of options.
Perhaps he'd like to be in the wilds of Africa working with animals or maybe on a research vessel off the coast of Mexico counting turtles? It's fun, it's really exciting and it's very different. It helps those less fortunate and it's a great holiday and gift idea for him (and why not you too)?
It costs, it's not free, but it's an extremely unique and fabulous holiday that he's unlikely to better.
4. Chinese art. I used to live in China and I love the artwork that comes out of the country. So many men love art, but good western art is expensive and it's been seen before. Chinese art on the other hand can be wonderful and very different artwork. I just love the Yixing teapots for example, I bought mine for less than $10 each. And my Chinese wall hangings, less than $10 too.
And it's so cheap. For the man who loves his art, Chinese art is a gift of art with a difference.
5. Why not an elephant painting, again for a man who loves his art. Yes these really are paintings done by real Asian elephants, and done on paper made from elephant dung too. No I haven't gone mad, you really can get them and they look great too. And an elephant painting hanging on the wall is a great conversation starter at the dining table.
6. And for the man who has absolutely everything and who won't like anything at all from number 1 to 6, then buy him a whale. It is perfectly possible to do. He doesn't actually get a whale wrapped in paper to unwrap on his birthday. However there are organizations like the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin trust that track and identify individual whales and dolphins, and allow you to name his own whale or dolphin. There is a real whale or dolphin out there that is named for him.
And the money goes to help protect the whales, and it's a unique mens gift idea too.
There you have it. 6 suggestions for unique and memorable mens gift ideas. From around $10 right up to very very expensive. It's up to you now.
No more excuses, no reason to say "I have no idea what to buy him for his birthday" now.

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