6 Things to Look for in a Good Online Paintball Store

By: Bryan Ashbaugh

Online paintball stores are springing up on the Internet like mushrooms, due in large part to the quickly growing popularity of the sport. Many of them become popular because they have killer graphics and some because they advertise the biggest brand name paintball guns for sale at discount prices. There are a few things you should consider, however, before spending your hard-earned money at an online paintball store in order to protect your investment.

1. How Long Has the Company Been in Business? Like any business, a paintball retailer should have several years experience so that any kinks in the supply chain, ordering and customer service departments have been worked out. It also means they will be far less likely to be out of business a few months down the line should you need help.

2. Does the Company Carry an Assortment of Brands? There are very well-known brands of Paintball markers that most reputable online paintball stores carry, including Tippman, Planet Eclipse and Angel WDP. Does the company offer paintball markers in a variety of price ranges? They should offer some beginner's models that are safe, sturdy and reasonably priced but upgradeable as the player improves their abilities as well as high-end tournament style paintball markers that come with interchangeable barrels included and custom paint jobs.

3. Does the Online Paintball Store Carry All the Accessories You Need? Purchasing a great paintball marker is only the start for most players. Check to make sure the store also carries any upgrades you may be interested in purchasing down the line. If they don't have compatible accessories such as barrels, hoppers and triggers, you'll run into issues when trying to improve the stock paintball gun you've purchased.

4. Does the Online Paintball Store Provide Pertinent Information? A good store will not only have product photos and descriptions, they will have product specs, information on performance and whether each piece of equipment meets tournament standards so that you know whether your purchase suits your needs.

5. Is Customer Service Available and Knowledgeable? Ideally you should be able to contact customer service by phone, email and during daylight hours by a Live Help chat. When you reach customer service, you should be able to talk to an individual who is familiar with all of the paintball markers, gear and accessories, not simply an order-taker. They should be familiar with CO-2 vs. compressed air and what works with which paintball markers.

6. Is it Exclusively an Online Paintball Store? If you want to find the best possible equipment, the best variety and truly honest, fair pricing with great service you should steer clear of stores that sell paintball supplies as a small portion of their inventory. If a store also sells a dozen other types of sporting goods, they aren't focusing on paintball. An online store whose sole mission is paintball markers and products will devote more time and effort into researching and finding the best of best for their customers.

It is simple to do a search on the Internet for an online paintball store, but don't start browsing until you've put the store through the test of each of these six questions. If they pass all six, then you have a great place to look for your next paintball marker and any other paintball supplies you need.

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