6 Simple Steps To Have A Cash Making Yard Sale During An Economy Crisis

By: Alexandra Vrugt

Everybody's looking for a deal during this economy crisis. Families are trying to scale back and stretch their savings and budgets to the max. Garage sales are a wonderful way for families to earn a few extra dollars and for other consumers to reap the benefits of having an opportunity to buy for cheap lots of different things.
But, don't be fooled. Successful yard sales don't just happen by chance. Those that take the time to do the research and to learn more about the process are sure to earn a good amount of money from their sale. Those that don't put any extra into their yard sale will most likely make some of the more common mistakes that could actually end up costing them money. If you want to turn your trash into a financial treasure for your family, follow these basic tips for yard sale success:
Your signs need to be great. They don't need to be expensive...just great for their purpose. Think about it. Poorly made signs won't get noticed or they will get noticed, for all of the wrong reasons. People will decide, based on the look of your sign, if they even want to come to your sale. So, it needs to be done in the most optimal way.
First of all, if you make them too small or write them in a way that is illegible, you will be sure to put a huge dent in the number of potential customers. Secondly, if you post signs where you are not supposed to or in a way that could cause an uproar with your home association or the local police, you could end up paying a fine that could wipe out any money that you made on your sale. Finally, be sure to use every available bulletin board in places like the local library, community center, and supermarket to advertise your upcoming garage sale. Use bright and attractive paper that you can buy for cheap at a discount store, and keep the signs simple by putting "Garage Sale", date, time, your address, and arrows to direct people.
Safety is a big issue. You need to make sure that there is a place for people to park their cars so that they can shop at your sale. Also, you need to keep all animals out of sight. Dogs, cats, and any other pets could make people not want to stop at your sale. You know your pet, but they don't, and people don't care if they can buy for cheap at your garage sale, when it comes to their personal safety they will most likely just stay away. Plus, remember, hopefully, there will be lots of cars and traffic which could make your pet uncomfortable. For everybody's safety, keep the pets away from the sale.
Advertise the yard sale in online and in your local newspaper classifieds. Most local papers will allow you to post your ad for free or to buy for cheap a little ad in which you can list a few items that you plan to sell in addition to the basic information that is necessary for the posting. Try websites like Craigslist.org or other local group websites that offer free ad space. Don't forget to include the yard sale date, time, and the exact address.
Use word of mouth advertising to your advantage. People love to share information and passing along news about how they can buy for cheap during this economy crisis is incredibly valuable in families these days. Encourage your network to spread the word and let them know about some of the goods that you plan to sell. Get people excited before they even get to your sale for maximum effect and profits!
Your items need to be well organized, clean, and priced right. Nobody wants to rifle through a bunch of stuff and have to ask you about prices all day long. Just put the price on your items and then let the negotiations begin from there. Don't price them for high rollers. Price them to sell...quickly!
If you are nice to your customers, organize your stuff, price the items low enough to get buyers, and obey a few basic community rules, you should have a great sale. Put the nicest things up front to attract attention and get people to stop. Then, after you have sold off your good, sit back, count your money, and enjoy the new found space from turning your old junk into a financial treasure for your family!

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