6 Must Have Michael Jackson Costume Pieces

By: Bob Anderson

Since the death of Michael Jackson, more and more people are considering dressing up as the King of Pop for parties and Halloween. If you are considering a Michael Jackson costume and want to make sure that you do it right, there are some essential pieces that you cannot miss that were part of his trademark style throughout the years. From the glove to the red jacket and everything in between, there is so much to a Michael Jackson costume that you have to get perfect. Here are several pieces that you simply cannot do without:
Piece a: The Glove - Who doesn't remember the glove that he wore around all the time in the 80's? That single white sequin glove made waves all over the world and had people dressing up and wearing one glove as well. For those considering any decade of Michael Jackson costume, the 80's Michael has to have his single white glove.
Piece b: The Hat - While this one lasted several decades, that black fedora was always on his head throughout the 90's and most of the new millennium. If you are considering going as this decade of Michael's life, then you want to make sure that you pick up a simple black fedora to complete your Michael Jackson costume.
Piece c: The Red Jacket - Who doesn't remember this awesomely style setting red leather jacket with the gold and silver chains and zippers? Even younger people today have at least seen pictures of this style, and those who lived the 80's remember it well. No matter who you are, in this jacket, you are instantly transformed into him and it will make your Michael Jackson costume perfect.
Piece d: Large Police Sunglasses - This one is not as noticeable as the hat or glove, but if you take a look at any pictures of him, you will notice these large Police or Aviator sunglasses on his face. Large with silver frames, you cannot miss these glasses anywhere, and you should also easily find them online or at a discount store as well. No Michael Jackson costume is complete without these great sunglasses.
Piece e: Military Inspired Clothing - Don't think of the camo that you see when you see soldiers, but more the dress military jackets with the metalic piping on it. These jackets and other shirts that he wore created a unique look that could not be missed throughout the 80's and 90's. So, for those considering this era of Michael Jackson costume, you may have to look a bit to find this jacket.
Piece f: Black Leather Shoes - If you take a look at Michael's feet in any video, tv show, interview, or other picture, you will see the same style of shoes - black leather dress shoes with a square toe. Perfect for the moonwalk or those signature dance moves, you have to have them to complete your Michael Jackson costume so that you aren't left out.
It doesn't really matter which style you prefer when you are putting together your Michael Jackson costume, there are several great pieces that are really easy to find and will make your costume. So, make sure that you check this list and get the ones that you need so you aren't missing an essential piece.

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