6 Essential Tips for Article Marketing Success

By: Robert Thomson

There’s no better way to build links to your website than through article marketing, aka bum marketing. Article marketing is totally free. All that’s required of you is some time to write and submit articles to article directories like Buzzle and Ezine Articles.

With article marketing, you will build links to your website, drive traffic, and increase leads. Furthermore, you will position yourself as an expert in your niche. Some people hire writers to write their article marketing articles for them but you don’t even have to be a talented writer to do article marketing. Follow these tips and you’re bound to have success, regardless of your writing skills.

1. Keep it short and sweet. People who are looking for information online will click away if they see a giant blob of writing. Keep your paragraphs short and try to be concise. Give your readers the information they need without using too many words.

2. Provide valuable information. Article marketing is not just about filling a page with words. You need to make sure that your words are helpful and informational. Not only will search engines value your articles more but your readers will appreciate your advice and be able to seek more of it from where it came from: you! Articles providing tips that are numbered or bulleted are very popular.

3. Write an enticing title. When people are searching online for information and your article shows up in the search results, they are bound to take far more interest and click through if the title is catchy. Rather than a title such as, “A Guide to Making Money Online,” grab the reader’s attention with a title like, “How to go from $0 to $250 a day in 30 Days Online.” Also make sure to include your target keyword(s) in your title.

4. Include target keywords in your writing. Remember to do some keyword research to find keywords in your target market and add them to your article. Try not to use keywords too excessively however because the search engines will devalue your article if you do so. Think 1% to 3% keyword density, tops.

5. Make sure it’s clear what the benefit your business provides is in your articles. In fact, try to make your title list the benefit. Readers only care about themselves. They are looking for information to help themselves so make sure your articles list the benefits you business has for them right off the bat.

6. Don’t talk about yourself in your resource box. The resource box is the small box at the end of the article where you are allowed to talk about your business or yourself and embed links to your website. Writing a good resource box is an essential aspect of getting people to click through to your website. While this may go against the grain, it’s not a good idea to talk about yourself in your resource box. Instead, go straight to talking about the benefit that can be reaped from your service or product and encourage the reader to take action, i.e. click through to your site.

Article marketing can get you serious results. The results will come gradually but you’re bound to reap benefit because of the power that links in article directories have. With the right keyword density and content, your articles could end up in the top page of search engine results for a number of competitive keywords.

Use article marketing to boost your online presence, increase leads, and drive traffic to your site, all at no cost to you. All it takes is an hour each day to whip up a simple article using these tips and then submitting it to an article directory.

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