6 Easy Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill With Basic Maintenance on Household Appliances

By: Ed Eddmanson

People often overlook simple maintenance that could save money on your energy bill. Keeping up with regular maintenance could save as much as 5% on your energy bill. In many homes that could save thousands of dollars a year.
Reducing the cost to heat your house is the fastest way to save money on your energy. Drafts are one form of extreme heat loss. A quick breeze flowing through your house can reverse hours of heating efforts. Checking all of your windows and doors to make sure they close properly can often stop these breezes. You can take this a step further, by weatherproofing your house in the winter. Over the course of a year, stopping drafts an average size home can save several hundred dollars a year.
Air conditioners work really hard in the summer time, using a lot of energy. A lot of the time, this energy consumption is wasted on a dirty compressor. The big box on the outside of your house is the compressor. The compressor carries hot air out of the house. However, it is very expensive if this compressor is covered with leaves or grass. Simply clearing away debris can save money on your energy bill.
Water heaters also burn a lot of energy. An average family will use several hundred gallons of water each week. Simply cutting back the temperature of your water heater by 5 -10 degrees doesn't sound like much. When that few degrees is multiplied by a few hundred gallons, it will make a big difference.
Dishwashers also use a great deal of energy. They heat water to clean dishes. Then they heat the air in the dishwasher to dry dishes. Using energy savings settings during the wash and dry cycles will cut down on your energy bill immediately. Additionally, if you wait to run the dishwasher until it's full, you will save even more energy.
Using different dishes when cooking can save a lot of money. Most of the heat on your stove goes through the pan, through the food, and into the air above the stove. Simply putting a lid on your pan will trap in more heat. This will let you cook at a lower temperature and will cook food faster. When using the oven, reach for a glass or ceramic dish. Glass and Ceramics hold in heat better, so using these in the oven will have the same effect.
Lighting is the most common way to save money in your house. Changing to compact fluorescent bulbs instead of the traditional incandescent bulbs can have an impact on your bills. Not only does it reduce the amount of energy used, but it also saves on the cost of light bulbs since these bulbs have to be replaced less often.
Basic maintenance can save money on your energy bill. If you have more time than money like most people in today's economy, you can perform these simple maintenance techniques. This will reduce your energy costs and have several other green benefits as well. That means you can save money on your energy bill and feel good about doing it.

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