6 Common MLM Mistakes And How To Avoid Repeating Them

By: WarrenSmithMT

Be truthful when you answer this... Have you retrospectively assessed what you're doing to see where you are going wrong?

Really, it's a business killing mistake to NOT inquire of yourself "What mistakes am I making?"

I know that I have made mistakes in the past. I'm human... it's one of the things we do best. We mess up! (the government is a great example, but that's not what we're here to discuss)

One of the greatest attributes of a true leader is that they are introspective enough to ask themself "What mistakes am I making?"

Growth in leadership requries you have to stop making the same mistakes over and over. Every slip up is an opportunity to grow. It requires acknowledging that you made a mistake and taking the required measures to avoid repeating it. Each blunder requries awareness and an open mind to learn.

MLM biz owners make plenty of judgement errors, frequently because they have never been taught how to lead a business.

The biggies that will crush your biz faster than a peanut under an elepahnt are:

1. Allowing anyone to sign up. Many networkers are seduced by the possibility of large sums of up front income from sign-up commissions. They take no consideration of the capability of their reps to succeed. Know this: the BIG income you're looking for in your business comes on the back end after creating a large and successful organization full of leaders.

2. No follow up. Like those who sign up anyone, there exists sponsors who don't follow up and give direction and coaching - a replicatable system - to help their reps grow their own downlines. Every leader must have one.

3. Lack of committment. Joining a network marketing company is a business, and there has to be a committment to learn, to work at it for a certain amount of time. If you're the type who has joined a dozen MLMs in the past few years, you lack committment.

4. No marketing plan/undefined marketing plan. Although you may be using many different techniques, you need to define your daily and weekly routine. If you're hit and miss, how will you know what part of your plan is actually effective?

5. Don't know how to read a marketing plan. You may be creating some leads, but you don't understand what part of their marketing is working for them and what isn't. Split testing and having different campaigns for the different marketing programs your using will allow you to tweak your approach to what works and drop what isn't.

6. No goal setting. There's no goal that is unreasonable. Often the time frame we set to achieve those goals is unreasonable... You have to set attainable goals and once met set new ones.

Leaders don't make these mistakes. And you want to help prevent your reps from making those mistakes too, because it kills back end income potential - what you're working so hard to build.

I strongly suggest that you read books by the leaders in this industry... Johnathan Budd, Big Al, Mike Dillard, Mark Weiser to name a few... and for that matter, leaders in any industry: Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Napoleon Hill, Donald Trump.

The mistakes you risk making every day, they've already done! And they still succeeded!

Never, EVER stop learning. Leaders continually evolve. So should you.

Warren Smith
Founder, Get Ahead In Life Marketing
406 490-2556

My idea of leading and how to spot prospects who could lead was overhauled the weekend I sat down and read what I'm making available to you at this link!

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