5 iPhone Games with Excellent Storyline and Great Action

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The following are the 5 iPhone games with interactive interface and winning gameplay that are sure to keep you and yours kids occupied for a long time.

Undersea Glider Crab

This is a recently launched iOS game by CritterMap Software LLC. Guide an undersea glider from an ocean reef! Join the Hermit Crab on a Manta Ray Glider as he tries to find and seize the seven blue pearls. There are 87 missions which are based on the skill of the player. Get upgrades for your glider through the game and the seven mini games that test your reflexes and your skills. Knock sea otters off their scuba tanks for more points and fuel boosts. Collect sand dollars and abilities to fly farther and higher.

Snowy Farm

This game lets your kids to have fun of farming, harvesting and creating cool farm products such as cheese, wine and pies, With Snowy Farm, your kids would be able to grow cute animals and fun their own farm. While your kidís wows himself in the snow, he can cultivate Alfalfa to feed the cows, sell the milk and flour or he can even save them to make bread and make more money. Children can even grow your corn to provide food for chickens and get more eggs. They get various quests, and the faster they finish the quests the faster progress in the game with some additional bonuses.

Harry Potter: Spells - Free

If your children love magic and spells, then nothing could be more interesting than this game. With 23 powerful spells, including the 2 indefensible curses, this magic game let your kid to take joy in the thrill of the magical series of Harry Potter, It also keep your children up to date of with every Potter thing through push notifications directly received on iPhone. It has two game modes Ė the touch-screen and motion controls that makes spell casting more exciting. Right from visiting Ollivander's wand shop to being chosen in the appropriate house by the Sorting Hat, this wonderful app gives all the real experience of this wonderland.

Candy Maker

We all love candies and this game are only going to hype up our love for it. But, it would be more thrilling to your kids because it boosts them to make their own delicious candies. It has five different modes such as the Candy Bars, Bubble Gum, Gummies, Taffy and Lollipops. Each mode includes exciting stuffs like Gummies has gummie liquid while Lollipops give you attractive stickers and cool wrappers. Therefore, allow your kids make all-new flavors of candies with the Candy Maker.

Banzai Blade

If your children love to be on active mode, then Banzai Blade is the right game for them. This is an influential action game created by Cartoon Network and is going to send your children into an adventurous world where they will enjoy being the Ninja who test strong demons. Let your child use his Ninja skills and razor-sharp sword to beat the demon army. This game has swift, 18 sharp blades, swipe controls and offers lots of jam-packed actions.

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Guide an undersea glider crab from an ocean reef! Join the Hermit Crab on a Manta Ray Glider as he attempts to find and capture the seven blue pearls. For more information feel free to visit us at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/undersea-glider-crab-launching/id819473059.

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