5 Web Videos That Can Boost Your Business

By: Reginald Stout

Any business that's serious about making a good profit is taking to the web to connect with a wider customer and client base. This is because the internet is global and a website that's created and hosted in a server thousands of miles away from a customer's location can be still be accessed with ease. Except in the case of government restrictions.

The internet has proved to be a truly revolutionary technology, probably second only to the computer. It has literally changed the way we view and conduct communication and trade. Its biggest attraction has to be in how it connects people living on one side of the world to the other with a minimum of fuss and at a very low cost.

Using the internet to generate profits has become commonplace and achieving goals can be accomplished using a range of tools. One of them is web videos where potential customers are given a clear view of what a company is offering, how to avail it, learn about customer testimonials and watching highlights of events. As long as a business seeks to go further in success and build a dedicated customer base, it's necessary to use such visual aids. Below is a list of five types of web videos that you, as a business owner, can exploit.

Demo videos

Demo videos outline how a product should be used, what its features are and how it ranks against competitors. Recall the time you saw a gadget you just had to have but couldn't get a clear picture of. You probably logged onto a video hosting site and scoured related posts depicting the seller's or buyer's use of the product which influenced your decision to purchase it. That's an example of a demo video.

Promo videos

Promotional videos are made to market a concept, product or brand. Brochures and magazines can only display so much but videos can do a lot more. You gain a closer look at what a product all about, how you can benefit from it and whether it meets your requirements or expectations. By building a personal connection between viewer and vendor, longer-lasting impressions are created.

Team bio videos

Consumers are eager to get to know the people behind a product or concept. By focusing on the creative minds, web videos make staff appear more 'real' and connect them with consumers. It's also a good way of showing the team how important they are not just to employers but to consumers.

Video blogs

Text-based blogs are very popular sites that keep visitors and members updated on changes. But you can go one further and use video blogs. They give offline users access to feeds by allowing them to download files that can be watched at a later time. The videos will be free to download and contain changes or updates you want customers to know of.

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are testimonials given by actual customers or clients of their first-hand account of using a service or product. It's important to stick to real people, not models, as viewers can easily spot the difference.

Making testimonial videos is easy as you get attendees of an event to speak about what you're marketing. Aside from giving viewers an insight, you, as the business owner, also learn whether any changes need to be made or whether the service/product hits its target audience. The testimonials can be included in video blogs or appended to promotional videos.

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