5 Ways Abortion Has Affected People

By: Adeel Qureshi

Have you ever pondered as to why you experience unknown feelings of joy and happiness when you see babies? Did you ever wonder as to why you can't stop smiling when you stare at their big beady eyes? Well, the reason is - babies are humans adorned with innocence. They enter into this world totally unaware of its cruelty and unjustness. Some of the misfortunate ones do not make it alive. However, there a few, who are not allowed to make it alive. Yes, I'm talking about the abortion babies. Here are 5 ways as to how abortion affects people:

The perception

One has to understand that the basic meaning of abortion goes with the perception. For some, it might mean forcefully killing the child before birth. Although scientifically it is proven that you cannot kill a baby unless it is fully formed, which is not till the first-trimester ends, people still believe that abortion means killing a child. The analogy for people who think likewise might be this. Just like how we are facing disasters by forcing the earth to fulfill our needs, in a similar fashion when the baby is forced out to death, the reproductory organs of a woman are adversely affected. The last part sadly is true to some extent. The reproductory organs might get affected if proper caution is not taken.

Effect on health

Before discussing the effects that generally people don't give a thought about, it's important to know about the effect on health. Certain diseases such as insomnia, anorexia, infertility and pain in the cervix may be caused. It is also believed that abortion may lead to breast cancer.

Emotional issues

Apart from the physical issues, women are also affected emotionally. The women who have undergone abortion face serious psychological problems and trauma after seeing such a ruthless act in front of their own eyes.

Society and its views

Since abortion is still considered as a social evil, many a times such women are looked down upon for taking away the life of an innocent. In societies with little or no education, the perception might be more prominent.

Effect on society

Abortion has now become an easy way for teenagers to get away with their mistakes. Indirectly abortion is the reason a lot of unnecessary pregnancies are arising. While in many instances abortion is a necessity, it is used as a tool by many teenagers to get away with unprotected sex.

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