5 Vital Health Insurance Tips For Mothers-To-Be

By: Gustavo Mcgee

With a baby on the way, many future parents have so many things on their mind that they completely forget about taking the necessary steps to protect themselves from potential additional fees related to the delivery procedure. Furthermore, few expecting mothers are actually prepared for the worse and don't even know whether or not their newborn requires special medical attention during the first days of his/her life. While you might be excited about having a baby, don't lose your head, because making sure that including your newborn in your health insurance policy is one of your top priorities. Let's review how many risks you can avert by doing so.

1. You'll get pre-authorization for the birthing center services

If you have a PPO health insurance policy, then it means that you are limited to selecting an obstetrician from the network provided by your insurance company. Otherwise, the medical expenses will not be covered. However, what few expecting mothers know is that if they have a preferred obstetrician who is not on the preferred provider list, then they could obtain pre-authorization with their insurance and still receive the claim. Therefore, look for the specified phone number on your policy and learn more directly from your insurance company.

2. You'll enjoy the pre-admission benefits

In case you didn't know, before being admitted into a hospital or birthing center you are required to fill in an application form where you disclose information regarding your insurance and coverage. If you take care of this form early on, then you will know in advance if there are any red flags regarding your policy and have the necessary time to clarify them. On the other hand, if you leave this task to the last minute, then you could very well wake up with a hefty medical bill post-delivery.

3. You'll ensure your delivery is handled by skilled professionals

More often than not, expecting mothers are mostly concerned about the obstetrician who will be in charge of delivering the baby. However, the procedure is not a one-man job and typically involves other medical professionals, such as the anesthesiologist for instance. Therefore, if you plan to utilize pain medication during the procedure, then it would be wise to check if the anesthesiologist or any other medical professionals assisting you are included in the insurance company network. Otherwise, you'll be paying their fees out of your own pocket.

4. You'll be able to work out the best coverage for your baby

Including your baby in your health plan early on means that you will also have sufficient time to review the insurer's offer and select the best coverage for him/her. In addition, because you'll know how much you have to pay in deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance, you could put some money aside specifically for this so you'll never be caught off guard.

5. You'll be sure to receive the health insurance claim

In order to receive the insurance claim for your newborn, most insurance require you to include the baby in the health plan within a maximum of 30 days after he/she was born. Therefore, if you want to spend your maternity with your infant and not trying to figure out the bills, don't wait too long and take the necessary steps as early as possible.

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