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By: Hari Gee

One of the most important relationships in our lives is the one we establish when we get married. Couples commit to a such relationship with the idea of enjoying their lives together forever. However, conflicting issues such as money, employment, family, etc... over time deteriorate the relationship. A Christian couple can restore a damaged relationship with the help of God, hard work and a positive attitude.
Divorce can happen not only to a couples who constantly argues and fight with each other, but it can also happen to those couples that have a very boring and tedious relationship. Christian Marriage Advice can benefit all couples by helping them revive their relationship to a strong, loving and fun relationship.
First, pose this question to yourself: How much do I want this relationship to work? After all the wonderful times both of you have cherished, wouldn't that be enough motivation to work hard to retain and mend your relationship?
Second, who is responsible for the failure of the relationship? If the relationship is on the edge, looking for someone to hold responsible is not going to solve anything. A strong and healthy relationship as well as a weak and broken one is created by two individuals; therefore, both must be willing to work together to rebuild it to what it once used to be.
Third, who is working on making the relationship stronger? Your Christian faith will give you the strength to fight for your relationship whether you're working together or whether you're all by yourself. The support from your church leader can be very valuable. Church leaders have the skills and the knowledge to help couples reflect and workout their problems.
Fourth, how badly destroyed is your relationship? The answer to this question determines how hard you must work to restore your relationship. Both of you must be willing to listen to each other without interrupting or blaming one another. You must then reflect and decide how both of you are going to modify your behavior to bring some positive change. This is a difficult step because it involves change and many people have a hard time changing or modifying their behavior.
Fifth, are both of you honestly willing to save your marriage? If the desire to save your marriage is mutual, then improving your relationship should be a lot easier. It's essential that together you establish clear goals and expectations that can be achieved by both of you. Mutually you can create a more open, honest and respectful relationship with long lasting results.
In conclusion, a Christian marriage can be repaired with team work, faith, communication and respect. Asking for help from a church leader can facilitate the process. With the right attitude and strong will, the chaos in your relationship can be restored to a more devoted, respectful and loving one. Your Christian faith will help you and guide you all the way through.

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