5 Simple Steps to get your Girl Friend back

By: Lee

Very often guys who have split up with their girl friend will usually make the grave mistake of messing things up by calling her several times a day which are the most unconfident methods & these steps with out proper action plans & strategies will not be helpful in getting their girlfriend back. Unless we chalk out an innovative strategy & know what we are properly doing, the result will not be positive. The following Five Steps are indeed absolutely essential to get our girlfriend back with total confidence.

The first step is call your Ex girlfriend is to tell her that you have agreed for the break and wish her well. This will indicate clearly that you are over her & wants the same reply from her well. As the phenomenon of reverse psychology indicates that always men & women always tries to get those things that they don?t have with them, she will surely be attracted towards you. It is because when you say that you never need her anymore what ever may be situation, she will surely want you.

Do not argue about the break up. This is one of the most common mistakes that needs to be avoided at any cost. Instead, you would prefer do something counter intuitive. You should agree with the break up and this would surely and instantly put you in an advantageous position. Try to keep yourself cool as much as possible and tend to show up that our relationship was nothing special. This method does work very much within a couple of days later in a positive result.

One of the best Tips to get your girlfriend back is that you avoid calling her several times per day especially after break up .Show her that it is possible for yourself to lead a normal life without her assistance but also become flexible so that future patch up The long duration that you don't call up your girlfriend, the stronger the relationships. In about 90% of the case, we may seen that if you she wants to talk with you for a long period of time & you may resist this & this will result into a positive signal in reviving your relationship.

Try to pretend strongly that you have no feelings for her nor interested in reunion process. Even if she strongly wants to make a come back with you, do not jump to conclusions immediately. Keep a bit of self esteem with yourself & indicated that you are self reliant. This step will build up strong bondage & will never leave each other & she may even want you more.

The Final strategy step is to move on with your life. Groom yourself with your friends & develop good relationship with all your neighbors and office mates to develop some kind of self esteem from your end. Start going to Jim, library & keep your self busy by reading some books. When your ex sees in moving so quickly with total confidence, she will surely doubt her reasons for the break up causes & think positive about these developments happening from your end.

In order to come out of these situations like break up seems to be a difficult task but as we say that there are no Impossible situations in relationships of men and women & such things can be handled with the above steps. So if we are wondering on how to handle these situations & get your girl friend to your side, go for these option to ensure that we get optimum results.

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