5 Quick Steps to a Clear Environment

By: Fraser Thom

To ensure that global warming does not become a more serious problem everyone needs to ensure they are doing their bit for the environment. So how can you help? Clear Environment, a highly environmentally concious office clearance company have written five quick ways for you to help save the environment (and your money) every single day.

1. Use heating and air conditioning resourcefully

Ensuring that you use your heating and air conditioning resourcefully could save up to 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. This is a lot easier than many think, for example, by simply insulating the key areas where your home looses heat are insulated then you are less inclined to turn up both the thermostat and the air conditioning. Keep your windows shut and ensure that draught prone areas such as underneath doors are effectively covered.

2. Use efficient light bulbs

Many do not consider light bulbs to be a massive waste of energy, however they are a major offender. Just think about how many times a day you flick that light switch and often do not turn it off until you get into bed, if at all.There is now a wide range of energy efficient light bulbs available in all major retailers, known as compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. As well as switching to more efficient bulbs ensure you turn of the lights whenever you leave the room, it's not that hard turning it on again when you walk back in the room!

3. Be a sensible driver
The government often campaigns to get more people using public transport - the issue with this is that not everyone has access to public transport easily, especially during winter months. When you can, drive less. When you can't, ensure your tyres are properly inflated and that you keep your revs to a minimum. Not only will both of these be helping you be helping save the environment - but you will help save yourself petrol.

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The 'three R's' are something that most almost everyone could improve on and stand as general guidelines for most ways to save the environment. The first is reduce, you can reduce waste by only buying what you need and not buying in excess. The second 'R' relates to the reuse of products were you can - simple things like reuse of plastic bags could go a long way. The last of the 'three R's' is recycling, contact your local council and get information on what they recycle - they will be more than happy to assist you anyway that they can.

5. Use energy conscious companies

Being an energy saver yourself is no good if you are paying somebody else to do work that diminishes your efforts. Their are plenty of environmentally friendly start up companies out their, for example clear-environment.co.uk , who provide environmentally friendly office clearance and even practice the 'three R's'. Always search for an environmentally friendly company before going directly to someone who doesn't take good care of their surrounding earth.

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