5 Necessary Skills to Become a Successful Seller

By: Lina Stakauskaite

Not everyone can be a successful sales person whether you're selling products and services online or face to face. There are certain skills a person needs in order to achieve sales success.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential in any sales environment. The ability to communicate with customers, market your products and offer superior customer service all comes down to effective communication skills.

If you don't have good communication skills you will find it very difficult when dealing with customers on any level whether it's face to face, over the phone or via email.

Problem Solver

There isn't one single sales position that doesn't come with its share of problems and the ability to problem solve is a necessary skill for anyone who wants to succeed in sales.

You'll be faced with problems each and every day from customers not receiving their order to customers having problems with the product, you need to know your product and be an effective problem solver in order to manage the problem effectively and keep your customer happy at the same time.

Other problems you can encounter on a regular basis is orders not arriving on time, invoices being incorrect and internet problems, just to name a few that will require your immediate attention.

Organization Skills

In order to offer superior customer service, ensure orders are dispatched in an orderly manner and payments are received you will need excellent organizational skills.

You'll need to plan appointments with suppliers and customers, manage your online visibility and handle accounts each and every day, with the right structure in place this can be achieved with ease.


Whether you're working in an office environment or you work from a home office with the majority of your sales taking place on line, you need motivation. For every successful sale there will be a number of disappointments and it can be very difficult to keep yourself in that positive frame of mind.

Setting goals, being positive and determined are just a few of the ways you can keep yourself motivated. Motivation is a very important skill that not everyone is able to achieve when working in a sales environment.

Be Persuasive

You've heard the saying that someone can "sell ice to Eskimos." We aren't all blessed with that persuasive skill that can get anyone to buy anything at the drop of a hat.

Whether you sell cars for a living or you sell technological products online, having a persuasive personality can be hugely advantageous in a sales environment. You need to know how to talk to customers and how to get them to think they must have your product in order to achieve success.

These five necessary skills are only the top of the iceberg when it comes to sales whether you're working face to face or online. The majority of sales these days take place on the internet and you need to know how to deal with customers, suppliers and everyone else in between in order to achieve success.

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