5 Methods to Make Online Advertising Work For You

By: Ina Hikmatullah

In the past few years, the most popular mantras for those looking to succeed have been centered on the power of positive thought. Fundamentally, if you know what you want and act as if you will achieve success, then you will receive it. This has been conveyed by many motivational speakers, such as Bob Proctor in the popular documentary "The Secret." However, perhaps this philosophy is best exemplified by a more famous quote: "If you build it, (they) will come." While you will not see ghosts of famous baseball players like Kevin Costner did in "Field of Dreams," this is nonetheless a good mantra for those creating online businesses, blogs and websites. These sites can be a great source of residual income. It is just missing one thing: you also have to advertise! Selling yourself and your website is critical on today's crowded internet. Here are six tips on how to effectively utilize online advertising to build your residual income.
1. Find out who your competition and your audience are
Before building the advertising strategy for your online business, identify your audience. You may be surprised at who is looking at your website. If you have not already done so, install a tool such as Google Analytics to track visitors to your website. These services are mainly free and provide information about where your visitors are located geographically, how they found your site, how long they stayed and what pages they viewed. By understanding who your visitors are, you can find effective ways to best reach them. In addition, just as important as your customers is your competition. You have probably already scouted out rival websites, but take a closer look and see what makes them successful. Do they have better keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) included on their site? Conduct a simple internet search to see where else they are referenced and how they advertise. You may be able to find new markets and opportunities by following their lead.
2. Target Your Advertisements
However you choose to advertise, it is likely that you will be able to choose from a widespread marketing campaign to a highly targeted niche promotion. Keep in mind that most online businesses have more success with targeted advertisements. Look for advertising opportunities on blogs and high-traffic sites that relate directly to your product or keywords. For example, if you are selling wedding favors, advertise directly on a site that caters to brides, rather than opting for a more widespread service that simply blankets all internet users.
3. Pay for Word of Mouth
Another thing that you can do is pay to have your products and services reviewed by bloggers and other sites. For a small fee or in some cases just a sample of your product, you may be able to find someone to write a review on their blog. To find someone, you can look for sites that normally do reviews and contact the site owner. If you have a blog site of your own, then you offer to exchange reviews with someone else. Alternatively, you can post an advertisement on a job search looking for writers that will do reviews for a fee.
4. Move Up in Searches
In many cases, you will discover that the majority of your customers find you from doing a search in one of the larger search engines. Getting your way to the top of the list, however, can be a costly and time consuming task. While there are tricks that you can to do help improve your ratings, the only thing that will guarantee you a place on the front page is to buy ad space, also called PPC or pay-per-clicks. This will make sure that anyone searching for your keywords will see you as one of the top results.
5. Stay on Your Toes
The key to success in online advertising is continuing to reevaluate your advertising decisions and making changes as necessary. If it seems that one option is not working after a reasonable amount of time, do not be afraid to try a new strategy. In today's world, the most successful online businesses generally are the most creative in terms of advertising. Try new ideas and creative solutions " they are typically inexpensive and may pay off in the long run.[I:0:J]

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