5 Fun and Ultra-Cheap Sleepover Tips For Saving Cost-Conscious Parents Money In An Economy Crisis

By: Alexandra Vrugt

Through the years, kids have loved having sleepovers with their friends. Whether it was for a night or a whole weekend, there is just something about staying up all night with their buddies for the ultimate fun time. During this economy crisis, families may be thinking that it will be too expensive to have a good sleepover for the kids.
The fact is that kids don't need much to have a ball while sleeping over each other's homes. A mix of simple fun, that you can buy for cheap, and frugal recipes can make any sleepover an event to remember. Here are a few tips that cost-conscious parents can use when planning a super sleepover without spending super amounts of money.
Everyone should be in on the snacking. Instead of your family putting up a wallet load of cash to feed all of the kids that will be there, have each one of them bring something for their buddies to munch on. You will be assured that you will have something that each one of them likes and you won't have to put out a dime for snacks.
Find and make the most fun and frugal recipes ever. It doesn't take a lot to pull of cheap eats. Whether it's little pizza treats made with mini bagels and whatever fixings that you have around your house, or fun sweet rolls that can be made out of basic canned biscuits that you can buy for cheap. The recipes just needs to be simple, fun, and made with stuff that you can buy for cheap!
Entertainment is a snap if you keep things simple. A old movie, such as a mystery or something very silly, that you can rent for cheap, usually a $1 per day will work for most kids. Just don't make the movie the only "fun" thing that they will do during the sleepover.
Get crafty at the sleepover. Buy for cheap the "ingredients" to create a fun edible sculpture or try the dollar store where you can get lots of stuff that you can use to make some type of art that the kids can take with them. It's always great to have a "souvenir" from a fun sleepover.
Kids enjoy playing games. But, instead of spending on board games, go online and do some research for a fun way to have a scavenger hunt. It can be as simple as looking for certain "words" around the house that come together to make a sentence or looking for hidden objects. Either way, kids love the challenge and chase of a scavenger hunt. The best part is that you can make it happen for next to nothing. Just be sure to buy for cheap the prizes and use whatever you have around the house for the hunt.
Sleepovers don't have to be elaborate get-togethers. They can be a place where kids can have a fabulous time coming together for some good, clean, and cheap fun! This economy crisis doesn't have to make put sleepovers on the backburner for your kids. Keep things basic, and your kids, along with their best buds will have the time of their life without breaking your family's budget!

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