5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Table Saw Fence

By: James Marshell

Table Saw Fence Alignment

The fences that usually come with the saw arenít sure shot performers and while you are the retail store they will tell usually tell you that itís the best you can get and will stay aligned forever. But you know thatís not the case and you need to get something better. Before buying dig a little deeper and carry out a research on Google for what works for most people. Woodworking forums and dedicated blogs and websites can be really helpful in this regard. I was questioning the purchase of JET metal bandsaw but internet helped me reach my decision.

Fence Installation Convenience & Build Quality

Many aftermarket fences claim that they can be installed within half an hour but thatís not the case with most of them. Majority of the fences take a lot more time to install because they are not properly designed and engineered and some are really complex because of all the extra bells and whistles they come with. Try to stick to the basics wherever possible and overlook all the extra features that you wonít ever need. Advertising made me buy one of those JET Cut Off saws that I have no use for and it just sits there in my workshop.

Your fence should not flex. If it flexes it means it is made out of low quality materials and will give inaccurate cuts after a while. If it is possible, try to work with the fence you are going to buy before making a purchase.

Adequate Cutting Capacity

This is something that canít be overlooked. How big of cuts you would be doing? Is the fence you are looking for is capable of handling those type of cuts? Again it all depends on the type of work you would be doing and itís always beneficial to buy something a little bigger than you actually want for those just in case moments.

Precision of Measurements

Duh! The biggest advantage of a fence is that it provides accuracy and precision to your work. Thatís why most woodworkers look for something that goes beyond what the stock fence can do. Always stick to the well known brands who are known for standing behind their products and donít spend your hard earned money on something you arenít sure about.

Capability of Fine Adjustments

It all depends on you. Whatís fine and whatís not fine is totally upon your discretion. For some woodworkers 1/16Ē is fine and for some it isnít fine enough and they want to go up to 1/32Ē. The type of work you are usually doing in your workshop and the accuracy you seek are the factors to be considered when buying a table saw rip fence. If you are looking for the best possible precision available you might need to spend quite a lot but if you can settle for something mid range you can get a great deal with a reasonable balance of price and performance.

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