5 Es To Success

By: Debra L. Morrison

EMPATHIZE - I feel very sorry for women who have been socialized that "a man is a plan" and now have to "fend for themselves" after being widowed (often at an early age) or divorced. Trying to learn about finances when one is grieving is a recipe for disaster, as grieving is surely a full time job! Additionally women's family's money messages are particularly limiting, if not worse. Women's socialization has also placed huge hurdles in our paths towards understanding our finances. I'm in touch with both the necessity AND the magnitude of the task ahead. My easy steps will help us safely get in touch with our feelings about money.

ERADICATE fears - Like all subconscious matter, our fears will control us until we disarm them and bring them to the conscious, so we can deal with them effectively and efficiently. Once we've taken an inventory of all our assets and listed all our expenditures we are well on our way to realizing that we can manage our doubts and devise plans to succeed.

EDUCATE - How can women win at the game of finances, if we don't know the rules? Understanding the historic performance of various asset classes as well as commonly accepted DOs and DON'Ts will aid us in the race to compound money quicker. I'll give you the Cliff Notes of investing so you can craft an effectively diversified portfolio. Knowledge is power!

ENERGIZE - Armed with a can-do attitude, we will move from our paralysis and take the first step(s) NOW! We will institute rewards for our achievements and further feel the power of success breeding success. We commit to birthing and nurturing a plan whereby our money outlives us, because it's Our Turn Now!

EMPOWER - It's not enough to hear what to do, we must act now, and feel the surge of pride when we move towards our goals. What we feed grows, and positive reinforcement is essential to achieving steady progress. The power within us is strong enough to channel towards converting obstacles into opportunities. I'll give you 5 amazingly simple power unleashing tips!

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