5 Effective Techniques Of Website Marketing

By: Nicola Johns

One of the biggest myths of the Internet is the belief, “If you build it they will come …” Far too many new marketers throw up a website and sit back waiting expectantly certain they are going to become rich from it.

It is not too long before they are moaning about their luck wondering why they’ve had a few visitors, four of which were people they knew!

Websites don't magically rank high in the search engines, you have to do some work in order to get this traffic and start making sales. There are thousands of sites vying for the same traffic - this may even be millions in some niches!

You need to promote your website to get it noticed - not only in the search engines, but anywhere your target market visits.

Strategy 1 - Directories

There are a whole host of directories over the Internet. Search for your keyword and “Directory” or “Link Exchange” or anything like it and you will find plenty of places to submit your links. Sure, it could be hard work, but it will help you make sales through a decent ranking. If it’s too much like hard work for you - hire someone to do it!

Approach 2 - Articles

Articles are an excellent way to increase traffic and get your site ranking. Submitting your article to directories gets you links back to your website and if they are quality articles, will get you known across the Internet as an expert. You will find them being published by other people on the Internet. This will help to get your site noticed.

Technique Three - Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a remarkable way to get other people to promote your site for you. You can reduce the amount of work you do because the affiliates take care of the website promotion. And the best thing is - you don’t pay them a penny unless they make a sale. Depending on how much you offer as a commission, you could have hundreds of hungry affiliates aggressively marketing your product all over the Internet.

Approach 4 - Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a concept used by many top marketers. It’s a very impressive technique of getting traffic to your web site. You have all seen those cute or funny emails and videos that people send to all their friends? That is viral marketing. This viral mindset can be tapped into through a book, website, game or something to get you thousands of visitors!

Approach Five - Forums

Forums are an brilliant way to advertise your website. Participating in forums is a great way to establish yourself as an expert and get people to visit your website. Blatant promotion of your website without adding value will do more harm than good for your business.

Promoting your website will get you targeted traffic. It will also allow you to organically move up the search engine rankings through backlinks and the use of keywords. If you are someone who is serious about making money online, then you need to start taking your website promotion seriously. Be aware that spamming and other unethical business practises could destroy your business. Promote your site ethically and responsibly, and you can be reaping the rewards for years to come.

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