5 Easy Blog Traffic Tips You Can Start Using Right Now

By: James T Maxwell

There are a vast number of blogs out there in cyber space. It cannot only be difficult to keep track of all your friends' blogs, but remembering to get your own visited often as well. By having traffic driven to your blog you will become a more prominent, and therefore remembered piece of the "blogosphere" as it has so been dubbed.
1) Write Well, Write Frequently
Building your blog's reputation and audience is an important aspect of this endeavor. Simply writing without purpose is going to be a positive experience for you. When sharing information or content on your blog you want to keep it useful. This is one step to keeping your readers coming back for more. Besides good content, another very important point to follow when building your blog is properly written information. Bad sentence structure or frequent spelling mistakes may pass on occasion however may become tedious for your readers. No matter how useful your information is, they may opt out and look elsewhere to suit their needs.
Various search engines such as Yahoo! or Google rely on frequent updates with that important and useful content to gauge the number of opportunities you have to be noticed
2) Search Engine Submitting
It's easier to get your blog among the search engines' picks by submitting your blog's URL to them. Most of the search engines have an area which says "Submit link" (can be different between search engines) allowing the search engine to be notified of your blog's existence. Then those search engines will grab on as they crawl looking for content, resulting in your information being listed among other people's searches.
However, please understand this doesn't mean your blog pages will find themselves at the top of search lists on your screen. It's great just knowing you have a chance of your blog being picked up and passed to others with search engine results
3) Updating and Using Blogrolls
If you have a list of sites you enjoy visiting, consider adding the links to your blogroll. In no time, the owners of these sites will take notice, and will probably pop by your blog to take a look. They might even add you to their own blogroll in return. This is quite an easy way to let word of mouth (or screen) bring traffic to your site. The primary goal here is to have someone link to you via the blogroll list of someone else. After they have found you and poked around a bit, they may find they enjoy your blog and keep coming back.
4) Establishing an RSS Feed for Your Blog
The addition of an RSS feed to your blog will allow for your blog readers to receive notification when new content has been added, but also read your blog via the feed. This opportunity could have them referring someone they feel could potentially benefit from your topic of the day. Adding the button itself is as easy as a couple of clicks of your mouse, but the added potential is indescribable.
5) Don't Just Sit and Wait
Being shy and lurking in shadows aren't the greatest attributes when it comes to blogs. Blogging success relies upon your ability to communicate about comments posted not only on your own blog, but those belonging to others. The best way to become a prominent figure online is by networking. Ask questions, join in on current discussions while making introductions, or just simply say hello. You aren't going to receive the traffic you are hoping for if you're sitting in wait. Get noticed, speak up and let people know you are there!
It's in no way unheard of for people to be a little dubious or slightly confused when it comes to exactly what blogging can do for you. Not only is using a blog quite easy to do, it's also a fantastic way to bring people to you without the hassle of a bunch of phone calls, or needing to run to the copy shop for 1000 banners to distribute. With a small bit of typing, a click of a mouse to publish and some time spent surfing around to check out the blogs of others, not only will you see what we're talking about, but you may just find a bit of information you yourself were looking for.

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