5 Biggest Myths About Fat Burning

By: David Done

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Let's get a few things straight about fat burning. There are a lot of myths in the weight loss industry advertising about how to burn fat and lose weigh. Here are the 5 biggest myths about fat burning, and what you really need to know to lose weight and get a flat stomach.

Fat Burning Myth #1 - You have to do cardio on an empty stomach to burn fat.

Not true. Your body is burning fat all the time. Some times you burn more fat, and some times you burn less, but it is always burning fat. Doing cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning also burns fat, but the end result is not significantly better than if you did cardio at any other time of the day. You burn fat every time you do cardio. But even more important are the actual weight loss results from your exercise program. And as you've probably heard me say before, an Australian research study found that interval training is better than cardio for total fat loss after a 12-week training program.

Don't worry about the time of day when you workout, instead, focus on the type of exercise you use.

Fat Burning Myth #2 - Drinking ice cold water burns fat.

You will never get the body of your dreams just by drinking ice cold water. The impact that drinking ice cold water will have on your body is next to nothing. If I compared 100 subjects who drank cold water against 100 subjects who drank warm water, there would be no difference. Drinking water is good, but ignore this myth.

Fat Burning Myth #3 - You have to do long, slow boring cardio to burn fat.

Simply not true. As I mentioned earlier, research shows that shorter, harder workouts help women lose belly fat faster than long, slow, boring cardio workouts. Another study from the mid-1990's also showed the interval training worked better than cardio. That's why you will use interval training in the Turbulence Training workouts to lose more belly fat.

Fat Burning Myth #4 - Resistance training does not help fat burning.

This has been shown to be a myth many times. In fact, one study that came out in 2007 showed that men and women over the age of 60 can build muscle and burn fat with resistance training (and without diet or cardio!). In this 12 week study, men and women lost an average of 4 pounds by doing nothing else but adding a 3-times per week resistance training program into their lives. Sounds a lot like the foundation of Turbulence Training.

Fat Burning Myth #5 - Ab crunches will help you burn stomach fat.

You'll never lose inches and get a flat stomach by relying on crunches for fat burning. Crunches don't burn many calories, and no one can do them for a long time anyway. Plus, they don't even help you get great six pack abs fast. There's no room for crunches in your program. In fact, Turbulence Training is the first crunch-free, ANTI-cardio fat burning program in the world.

Now that you know the new facts about fat burning, you are ready to use Turbulence Training to lose fat fast.

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