5 Basic Steps To The Perfect Golf Grip

By: John Lim

A few things factor into a good golf shot and amongst them are your grip, posture and swing. While all these things come into play, some consider the golf grip the most important one of all. If you don’t have a good golf grip, you can forget about your swing because no matter how hard you try to train or fix it, it will still be broken until you nail the perfect grip.

To get the perfect golf grip just, follow the 5 simple steps listed below:

1. With the golf head down, grip using only the last three fingers and the pad of your left hand. Grasp with your left hand and adjust the club so the grip is in your fingers, not your palm.

2. Make sure your left hand’s thumb is straight down. The point where your thumb meets your hand should be near the top of club.

3. Next, grip with the fingers of your right hand. Note the small vertical crease in your right palm near the wrist. Overlap the creases of your hands.

4. Grab the pinky of your right hand with the index finger of your left. Note the index finger and thumb of right hand. You should see a 'V' where they meet. That vertex (the point where they meet) should point to your right shoulder.

5. Make sure your right thumb is not running straight down the club but instead is pointed slightly toward your right shoulder.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to obtain a solid golf grip. The following golf tips will also help you improve your grip and help you feel more comfortable and confident with it.

• The best way to double-check whether your golf grip is correct is to look at the amount of knuckles you can see on your left hand. If you can see three of them, it means that you’re in good shape. 2 or 4 means that your club’s face is either too open or too closed.

• An important golf tip to remember is that your grip needs to be firm yet relaxed. Holding the club lightly but firmly is what you should do. Don’t try to choke it because tenseness in your golf grip will lead to a poor swing. Remember, the more relaxed your grip, the straighter and farther you'll hit the ball.

• There is a golf tip to avoid gripping too tightly. Extend your target arm and hold the club at an angle in front of you with the heel pad of your left hand on top of the handle. This puts the club across the top joints of the fingers (where the fingers meet the hand). The heel pad supports and traps the club. Hopefully relieving you of the need to hold it in a death grip.

• A common error golfers have is a weak lead-hand grip (left hand for the right-handed golfer). A weak lead-hand tends to produce slices and your shots will lack power. So take note of this golf tip if you have slicing problems.

• Practicing your golf grip isn’t crucial but it can help in the long run. If you know your grip by heart, you’ll settle into it easily without much thought. For golf, the less you need to think about and the more natural your grip and swing feels, the better the shot.

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