5 Activities To Keep Kids Hopping This Winter

By: Cameron Stein

Winter is not the time to play outdoors. Sure, the snowy hillsides are calling for sleds and even the backyard looks ripe for making snow angels. The reality is however, it's cold out there. The cold hurts your nose and freezes your toes.

Considerably less so.

Kids get bored and whiny with inactivity. Furthermore they get fat. DVDs, video games, books and board games go only so far in keeping the little darlings occupied and do nothing to burn their energy. Sure it keeps the parents happily at peace but you really need a back up plan to get those kids moving again.

Five Activities to put your Kids in Action

Have a dance party. Every day. My kids are absolutely infatuated with the futon mattress and the way it looks draped across our floor. They kick on their favorite CD and jump on the mattress or boogie around the house just about every night. It's a great way to keep them moving in the winter and out of your hair while you're cooking dinner.

Don't Overlook the Value of the Local YMCA. The indoor pool at the Y is a godsend for parents in winter. The kids can swim, burn up excess energy and calories all through those cold, snowy months of winter. The YMCA also has classes in diving, tae kwon do, and many other indoor energy burning activities for kids and parents alike.

Childproof the House and move Hide and Seek Indoors. Kids love to run and need to. They run up stairs around the house, through the house, well, you get the picture. Move furniture out of the way, do whatever you need to do to clear a path for the little sprinters and let them go.

Make a Family Exercise Time. In the warm months you use the time the kids are asleep for yourself. This may include yoga, reading or a favorite exercise DVD, maybe a salsa or other dance routine you really enjoy. Now that it's frigid outside, invite the kids to your work out session. There isn't a kid in the world that wouldn't love to get down with mama and dance their socks off. The lot of you will be having fun, burning calories and toning up.

Take them grocery shopping. I know, I know. It's a fate worse than death. But how tired are you by the time you leave the grocery store? An hour of walking (cough-running-cough) around the store is almost as good as walking around the block. Not to mention the good time they're going to have while they're doing it.

These are five ideas for getting through the cold months of winter. Now, think of some of your own and put them into practice. Your winter will be more peaceful for it.

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