4 Ways To Tell If Your Financial Advisor Services In Virginia Are All Wrong

By: Michael Colliano

Turning your nest egg over to expert financial advisor services in Virginia is a smart move – provided that you’re working with the right people. After all, they know how to make your assets grow better than you do.

But if you’re dealing with any of these 4 things, your Arlington investment management strategy is in the wrong hands!

1. You feel rushed

Good Arlington investment management doesn’t have a “deadline”. Sure, there may be certain trends you want to take advantage of, but if you’ve got a team of Arlington financial advisors that keep pressuring you to act now – before you have a chance to think anything through or ask any questions – they’re not working in your best interest.

2. Fixed fees

If your Arlington financial advisors charge a fixed fee, you're probably paying more than you should.

Most financial advisors charge a fee for their service based on the value of your account. That way, they only make more money when you make a lot more money.

It's not uncommon for a financial advisor to charge a very small commission on stock transactions. Don't be "Penney wise and pound foolish." You want the best advisors around, don't you? That caliber of professional doesn't come at "bargain basement" rates. If you think you're getting a top financial advisor, but his rates don't reflect that…you're probably not getting a bargain. And that commission usually doesn't go to the financial advisor. It goes to their "custodian" (Charles Schwab, etc.).

You do get what you pay for when it comes to top quality Arlington financial advisors.

3. Your strategy isn’t well-rounded

Remember that kids’ fable that laid out the dangers of putting all of your eggs in one basket? Well, it applies to your Arlington investment management strategy, too!

The last thing you want is for a problem in the stock market or some other hiccup to wipe out everything. By looking for financial advisor services in Virginia that spread your assets out over a variety of different tools, you’re avoiding unnecessary risk.

4. You never hear from them

The good financial advisor services in Virginia will make keeping you in the loop a priority. They won’t just send you detailed monthly statements – they’ll also send emails, respond quickly to your voicemails, and make sure that you’ve got all of your questions answered. After all, it’s your money!

5. You never hear anything new

Some Arlington financial advisors are really bad at thinking outside the box – or, at the very least, at keeping up with new trends and developments. If every month or every year brings the same ol’ rehashed advice, you’re working with the wrong people. After all, as the economy and the political climate changes, investment strategies will change.

Think of your financial advisor services in Virginia like that gallon of milk in your fridge. If it’s not fresh, it’s going to stink!

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Michael Colliano is one of the reputed Arlington financial advisors, also offering financial advisory services Virginia. He is a licensed Life Insurance Agent, active account portfolio manager participating in the day-to-day operations of Westbourne Investments Inc. You may directly call Michael for Arlington investment management and other related services at (800)822-9378.

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