4 Tips To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

By: Stewart L. Haney

Almost everyone in their life has had to go through a breakup. A breakup is a strange thing. Most things in life, the more you do them, the easier it becomes to do. With breakups no matter how many you've had to go through in the past, they certainly don't become easier to go through.
After a break, unless the relationship was totally awful, most people wish to get their ex back. In truth, often, whether or not the relationship was unhealthy, they need to get their ex back. You should not try and get back with your ex if they used physical violence or words to harm you. That's not a good relationship. If you were in a relationship like that and your ex split up with you, then think about yourself fortunate.
Otherwise, most relations follow a pretty predicted pattern. When you first meet somebody everything is superb and new. They can do no wrong and you can do no wrong in their eyes. After a short while comfort sets in. You adjust to one another. When the newness is gone the comfort are the things in the relationship change. The little affectations you were prepared to overlook before really trouble you now.
There's an expression : familiarity breeds disregard. More true words could not be spoken for relations. After a couple gets comfy and acquainted with one another, difficulty sometimes starts. This is precisely what tests the power of the relationship. It takes work and effort to maintain a relationship. Occasionally , when things break, rather than getting mended, the other person wants out of the relationship totally
Do you suspect, regardless of it being over, your relationship is worth salvaging, whether or not the other person made it obvious, it's over? You want some answers on how get your ex back. Here are 4 steps you can take.
1. Say sorry
Exclaiming you are sorry is one of the finest how get your ex back strategies. Even if it isn't getting your ex back, it's often the best initial step. Be certain that you are saying sorry for the right reasons. After a break it can be straightforward to blame yourself for everything. Remember, it takes 2 people to have a successful relationship. Knowing what precisely to say sorry for is urgent.
Whatever you do, when you apologize don't let your ex bait you into an argument. The biggest irony of saying sorry to an ex is that it can easily lead to another fight. If you say you're sorry, and your ex brings something else up, don't get defensive. Stay calm; keep your emotions, your ego, and your pride in check.
2.Sit down and talk things out
If your ex is up to it, set a time where both of you can sit down and talk. Whatever you do not beg, plead, cry, or force your ex into this. If they do not want to, then just go to the following step. If they do agree, you are going to have to keep your feelings under control. This is not the time to get into a fight again. Point out to your ex that you don't have any wish to bring blame into the consultation.
You want to talk about the issues objectively. If you talk strictly about the issues without assigning blame, you'll get better results. It is best if you can get a therapist or an expert in the field of relationships involved with this, if at all possible.
3. Give some space
this will appear counter-intuitive to how get your ex back. You've got to remember simply because you would like to talk to them or see them, doesn't suggest they do. It is vital to permit the partner some space. A quick time away from each other, before you try and win them back, will give you both time to cool down and an opportunity for them to miss you. If you are in contact with them all of the time, they will not be ready to miss you.
4. Show them you care about yourself
Prove to them that you care about yourself. If you seem desperate, clingy, and whiny, you won't succeed. If you sit round the house waiting for them to call or keep checking your e-mail every couple of mins expecting to get their message, you are not doing yourself any favors. Doss around with mates. Go to flicks, go to concerts, and go to the mall. Whatever, just get up and get out and live your life.
It's best if you are not there when your ex calls. Then they will be thinking about what you are doing. If you are out and your cell rings and its your ex, don't answer it. Let the call go to voice mail. The neatest thing to do is wait till the next day to call them back. Tell them you were busy, and you did not have time to call them back. This can probably shock them. You could even be able to make them pursue you again.

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