4 Strategies For Reaching Customers

By: Connor Sullivan

In an effort to boost sales and increase revenue, John's company started a huge sales campaign. This campaign was to be four-fold and would be an all out attempt to reach as many potential clients as possible. After contacting their printing company, whose prepress equipment and CTP capabilities allowed them to quickly print the requested five-hundred thousand documents needed for mailing, John's company was all set to begin phase one. Using John's company as a model, the following are 4 steps which may help your company, regardless of your product or service, reach out to potential clients. Used in tandem, these 4 steps are extremely effective .
1. One key step in your marketing campaign involves the creation of printed materials for mailing or handing out. While other steps involve more high tech options, this initial step reaches possible customers at a very basic level through a very accessible form of communication. This type of marketing is very passive and requires the potential client to process the information in his own time frame. This form of marketing has been used for many years and has been proven to be an effective method of marketing. Printing costs are often very feasible even for small companies and this method involves a small amount of time and effort, as addresses of potential client's are often stored in easily accessible database programs.
2. The second step in your marketing campaign involves e-mail marketing. A proven form of correspondence, e-mail has emerged as a preferred form of communication in the business environment. The cost factor, as well as the time factor of an e-mail marketing effort is very minimal and the results can be excellent. The base of e-mail users is wide spread and the frequency of most people's e-mail checking is at least daily, making this marketing option a very solid choice indeed.
3. A further step in your marketing campaign involves the use of web based banner advertisements. Web based banner advertisements have an ability to reach massive amounts of potential clients. Purchasing a banner ad is not difficult to do, and while it is not free, it is well worth the cost, considering the up side. Utilizing the internet in this way provides an excellent opportunity to let others know that your company iscurrent with technology and is proactively seeking to make a name for itself in its area of expertise.
4. A final step in your marketing campaign involves radio and television advertising. This tried and true method can be the most costly form of marketing, but a concise, clear product or service advertisement, at a well placed time can definitely increase business for your company. Choose your advertising carefully and avoid the temptation to do it on the cheap. Spending just a little extra money can be the difference between an effective advertisement and one that is quickly dismissed.
Using these four steps together in a marketing campaign is soon to bring a company excellent results. By accessing these four similar yet different strategies, your company has the opportunity to increase exposure and boost revenue.

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Connor Sullivan recently reviewed printing equipment and was impressed with the technology used today in prepress equipment. He ordered a CTP for his office.

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