4 Simple Steps To Learn Massage

By: Julie Peters

The art of massage has been studied for thousands of years. History documents massage therapy as far back as ancient Greece and Persia. Learning this ancient skill is actually very easy, and with some helpful tips you can quickly be learning massage in the comfort of your very own home.
There are many different ways to massage and many different techniques are practised all over the world. Massage can also be broken down to focus on one particular area of the body. This can include a massage concentrating on the muscles of the upper and lower body, head and scalp massages and the newer technique of facial massage.There are many different forms of massage and depending on the individual need there is a type of massage to suit.
If you want to learn massage at home, read through the simple tips and techniques below to get you started. Once you have learned massage you can harness the unique healing properties associated with this ancient art.
Environment - Finding a quiet and peaceful area in which the treatment can take place is a crucial step in providing a good massage. Try to locate an area in your home that is calm and relaxing in which the reciever can completely switch off and enjoy the treatment. A good tip is to also make sure the room is not too hot or too cold, ensuring the receiver is comfortable is key to a great massage.
The Use of Oils. Massage that uses oils is called Aromatherapy. Oils are selected based on the desired outcome of the massage. Some oils are used for calming, others for revitalising and some can be used to promote healing of injuries. The oil is applied directly to the skin. Oils will help to ensure movements and strokes are smooth against the body.
The Technique - This will depend on who is receving the treatment and what the desired outcome is. If you are treating small babies and children your movements should be light with little pressure and generally only finger tips are used. Be advised about the use of oils on small children and babies as their skin will be more sensitive and may result in an adverse reaction. For a relaxing massage, oils such as lavender or ylang ylang may be used and movements will be long and gentle. You are trying to calm and soothe the body so pressure will be light to medium. For a deeper massage or a sports injury massage, movements will tend to focus on one area and pressure will be medium to firm.
Different Forms of Massage - As the popularity of massage therapy increases, so does the different forms and methods of the treatment. Each different form of massage has its own benefits and results. Chossing which type of massage will depend ultimately on what the desired outcome of the treatment is.
Swedish Massage - This type of massage can be used when muscles are sore as movement are more gentle than some other forms. The movements involve longer strokes, rolling, kneading and squeezing. The main benefits of this type of massage include improved metabolism and circulation, relief from sore muscles, reduction in joint inflammation and overall relaxation.
Deep Tissue Massage - This type of massage is more intense as the name would suggest and is often used in combination with other types of massage. Usually it is used to treat an area of injury or stress. Movements will include kneading and rolling and the pressure will be quite firm. The main benefits of a deep tissue massage include relief from muscle injuries and reduction in joint inflammation.
Aromatherapy Massage - This type of massage involves the use of essential oils. Oils are chosen depending on what the receiver wishes the outcome of the massage to be. Oils are applied directly to the skin. The key benefits of this form of massage include relaxation, de-toxing the body, improved lymphatic drainage, improved skin tone, relief from sore muscles.
I hope you can now see that learning massage really is more simple than you may have thought. Massage has great physical and emotional benefits to not only you but also to your family, friends and loved ones.

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