4 Reasons to Turn to Selective Plating

By: William Hudson

Selective plating means that only a portion of a part has plating applied to it.

Letís say you have an a metal arm inside an electrical switch and you only need the tip plated (for low electrical resistance), not the entire arm. This is a perfect application for selective plating. The arm can be masked so only the tip is plated.
This information might help you decide if selective plating is right for youÖ

1. Itís selective
True to its name, this process allows you to only deposit metal on the areas that need it, instead of having to dip the entire component into a plating bath and plate the whole surface. That way, you donít have to worry about coating areas that donít need it Ė which is a waste of your time and money!
And, because your metal plater can control exactly where the metal coating goes (and doesnít go), they can also control how thick the coating is applied. That way, areas that need a thick coating can get it, while areas that need just a little can get that, too.

2. Itís done by the very best
When it absolutely, positively must be done right the first time, you need to make sure itís done by the best of the best. Luckily, thereís an easy way to help you find them! Just be on the lookout for Nadcap certified metal platers.

In order to get Nadcap certification, platers have to go through a very rigorous process that can last for months. Theyíre tested and evaluated, and only those meeting stringent standards are rewarded with certification at the end. So, if you find a company with Nadcap certification, you can rest easy knowing that youíre going to get a quality finished product.

You can even narrow your search down to Nadcap certification thatís done by metal to be plated. For example, you can look for specific Nadcap certified gold platers, if thatís the only metal youíre interested in.

Nadcap certification isnít easy, and thatís why there arenít very many of them. If youíre in a large metropolitan area, there might be one near you. However, if youíre away from large population centers, you might have to ship your parts some distance.

When quality is your most important plating concern, choose a Nadcap certified metal plater every time.

It costs the metal plater money and time in order to become Nadcap certified, and keep that certification. That cost has to be included in the price of plating your parts. You may pay a little moreÖbut what is your peace of mind worth? And maybe your job, if youíre a purchasing agent?

3. It can be done on one piece or a whole bunch of pieces
Even though itís got ďselectiveĒ in the name doesnít mean you canít use selective plating on a lot of parts. Luckily, a good plating company will have a facility thatís big enough to handle virtually any size order.

4. Thereís no heat involved
Selective plating can be done at room temperature, so thereís no risk of damaging anything from extreme heat.

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William Hudson is third generation at Hudson Plating Works. Several components on the JPL Mars Rover Curiosity were plated at Hudson Plating Works. Selective plating is one of our specialties. In addition, we are Nadcap certified metal platers and Nadcap certified gold platers.

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