4 Mistakes to Avoid While Taking CPR Certification Online

By: Christopher Bayer

Everyone should know the valuable life-saving skills that are taught during a CPR certification course. This training allows you to save a life when it matters the most. But learning proper technique can give you the confidence to act quickly, smartly, and calmly during a sudden cardiac arrest situation.

Do You Know?

- There are over 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the United States of America every year.
- As per the latest reports, only about 12% of cardiac arrest victims survive.
- When a victim receives CPR, the chances of survival double or triple up. Only if they receive it within the first few minutes.
- The immediate response is important as brain damage occurs within four minutes of the victim collapsing and death occurs within 10 minutes.

If youíre taking CPR certification online, there are certain mistakes you should avoid:

Common CPR Mistakes -

1. Forget to Call 911 -

As soon as a cardiac arrest victim collapses, your first action should be to call 911 immediately. Are you alone on the spot? What to do?
Call 911 right away and start compressing the chest of the victim while making a phone call, if possible. If you two rescuers are present, one person can call for help while other can start CPR.

Remember, every second count in offering the victim a perfect chance of survival. So act quickly.

2. Not Asking Queries -

While taking online CPR certification course, you shouldnít think about good or bad questions as thereís no such thing as bad questions.

When going through the course material, itís the best chance to ask your instructor through a phone call, an email or live chat, if youíve any queries about the course.

3. Worrying about Hurting a Victim -

Want to be effective? Keep in mind that, the proper CPR technique involves chest compression at least two inches down with each. While the force for CPR can fracture the ribs of the victim, itís necessary that rescuer should be more focused on performing CPR despite the chances of hurting the victim.

4. Failing to Assess the Situation -

Itís important that you should evaluate the situation before starting CPR. This will make sure the safety of the victim and will ensure that you know exactly what the victim requires.

Assessing the situation immediately can involve checking the specific area to make sure itís safe to start CPR, check the signs of life. Perform mouth to mouth to check whether they are breathing or turning their head to either side to prevent choking if they vomit.

Become CPR Certified Today -

Completing CPR course and earning online CPR certification is the commendable thing you should do. Itís something that everyone should consider their skill and education - no matter whether itís for work or personal knowledge.

CPR certification course can allow you to learn the life-saving technique you require during an emergency situation while completing the course at the convenience, anytime and anywhere you want.

Donít delay in earning online CPR certification, and welcome to a lifesaving opportunity.

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