4 Features Your Airline Miles Credit Card Must Have

By: Shannon Hilson

Just like other benefit credit cards, airline miles credit cards can be used in conjunction with personal budgeting, and money savings, especially when you can use the free sky miles you've earned to travel. However, it's not as easy as just choosing one kind of airline miles credit card. Many credit companies are jumping up and down and raising their hands to get your attention and your name on their credit card application. So, this means that you must work hard to sift through all of your options and find the one that's right for you. But where do you start? You start by searching all of your options and finding out the attributes of a great credit program.

Bonus Sign-Up Miles

Some airline miles credit card will go out of their way to thank you for your business that they will give you and immediate incentives like a large pack of bonus sky miles just for signing up. These miles could be in large amounts like 10,000 or more miles. When you're able to start off with this many miles, it's a great starting point for you. Perhaps, any annual fee you may have had to pay is offset by the accumulation of so many points at one time.

Flexibility When It Comes To How You Travel

What makes most airline miles credit card stand out from the competitors is when they allow you to redeem your points not just for airline travel, but also for other benefits. Some of these benefits include trading your points for cash, gift cards, travel checks, car rental, or restaurant dinning. You can even tailor the extra benefits of cards like these to match your spending habits, because you can use your points towards redeeming a gift card to purchase an item you've been waiting to purchase.

Flexibility When It Comes To How You Travel

Let's face it, when you apply for an airline miles credit card you want to be able to have the freedom to simply redeem your sky miles to travel and that's it. However, there are some cards that come with many restrictions before allowing you to travel. You need to find out if the card you are considering applying for has too many blackout dates or other airline restrictions that may prevent you from having stress-free travel. Your card may even make it difficult to redeem your sky miles because of the math involved with you trying to calculate points into miles. The best option for you is to shop around for a travel credit card that puts more control in your hands.

Terrific Customer Service

It may not seem important, but a reliable and polite customer service for your credit card is actually important. Offering things like 24-hour customer service and protection from fraud or identity theft as incentives to their customers help you to have confidence in what the credit card company is offering you along with the airline miles. When it comes to your finances, you want a credit company that you can depend on.

Take the time to find the right airline miles credit card to suit your personal financial needs. The time will pay off for you in the long run when you can sit back and relax and allow your credit card to work for you.

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