4 Fat loss Tricks No One Tells You About

By: Nela Odarijew

Eat Pizza?

Fitness author Jon Benson told me this story. While eating out in Austin, Texas he ordered himself a New Your-style pizza. He ate his pizza and felt good about it. No guilt there. And the next day, he was What! How‘s this possible?

He had to prepare his body for this bit of metabolic trickery of course. You cannot just "eat pizza" and shed the pounds... I wish you could!

But Jon’s personal Program for fat loss not only "allows" pizza (and all your other favourite foods)... it DEMANDS that you eat it.

Another benefit of Jon's System is it really suppressesyour appetite and food-cravings down. This helps you stay in control of your eating. No more binge eating, because you felt you had been deprived of your favourite foods.

The 10-Minute Cardio Trick

If you want to just get into good heart health, you only need GXP Cardio (This is covered in Jon Benson’s Book “ Every Other Day Diet.”) This is done 2-3 days per week for 9-15 minutes. That's it. Shorter workouts, that get done.

The thing is, you are doing "smart cardio" (not long, boring cardio) This is where the 10-Minure Trick comes in. 10 minutes is a more manageable fitness time schedule. It is much easier to fit it into your busy lifestyle

You begin by doing the cardio workout every other day. Then move to doing it for 4 days... and then for 5 days. This is a great workout if you are pressed for time. The best part of this workout is that it works like magic.

You start with 10 minutes in the morning 'before' you eat. Just make sure your heart rate is only about 65% of your max... in other words, you are not breathing super-heavy at all, but you are working up a sweat. That's it. Now how easy is that?

Next, another 10 minutes 'before' lunch. I’m sure you will see the benefit of using 10 minutes of your lunch hour to enhance your fitness, That's all there is to it. You don't even sweat enough to need a shower. So don't worry. Walking stairs works great, or walking outdoors, be creative!

The last workout, 10 'harder' minutes, about 2 hours before you go to sleep. Get your heart rate up to where you are breathing a little harder. That's it. If you are not too keen on doing the lunch hour workout, you can just start with two sessions of 10 minutes, the morning and the night workout,

Increase Your Fat?

Yep. You read it right. You should eat more dietary-fat. Increase the fat and replace some of your carbohydrates, such as starch like rice, potatoes, etc. The healthy fats to use are olive oil, coconut oil and almonds.

The thing to remember is that fat dulls the appetite and all three of these fats actually help your body get rid of its fat-stores, along with decreasing your carbs.

Think Resistance

Far better than any cardio workout will be, is a resistance training workout. So combining these two types of workouts will give you the best fitness benefits.

You can use ether weight training or in-home resistance training using bands and bodyweight. Studies confirm what the fitness pros already know: Resistance training not only sculpts the body (cardio does not) but it also burns 9 to 12 times more body fat over the long-term than cardio fitness alone.

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