3D Movies Reviewed And Analyzed

By: Roberta Ridgway

3D moviesí domination in the modern movie industry is plain to see to anyone nowadays. This new technology has become a revelation in cinematography, and nowadays the most famous film directors announce their movies in 3D. Both the audience and the movie-makers win from this situation: the directors coin in while you are having great time with your funky 3D glasses on.

However, people still prefer buying regular TV sets instead of 3D ones, although the producers have cut the price dramatically. As long as this is no longer a matter of money, why donít people opt for better visual experiences then? The difference in price is not very big and basically many people can afford a 3D TV set. As weird as it may sound, people are attracted by 3D but donít want to substitute regular television for it for good. Letís dwell upon this issue and try to figure it out.

Doubtlessly, 3D has a great number of advantages. 3D movies canít be compared with regular ones in terms of effects, and thatís an unquestionable truth. Jokes aside, who would be impressed by dull boring image on the screen after seeing all those unbelievable monsters and battles in 3D movies? All in all, 3D is the most sophisticated movie technique by now. Plus, the developers donít rest on their laurels and do their best to extract more and more amazing possibilities out of these techniques. Some of them succeed, some fail, but the industry is constantly growing. It means that this is not the end. Nice to knowÖ But letís figure out the current problems first.

Most movies in this format are really nice to watch. At the same time, the technology of 3D has been known long time ago. Movie makers just used the old tech to make the image look fancier and add a couple of zeros to their paychecks. Thatís why some 3D movies turns into a real torture. That results in the disaster: poor quality of the image, huge tension for the eyes, and many other problems. Speaking about health issues, scientists warn the most hardcore 3D lovers that their hobby can impact on their medical bills within a couple of years. The point is itís hard for a human eye to perceive things in-depth. Itís okay if you donít watch it too often, but a 3D TV set at home can turn it into a problem in no time. Your both eyes have to track, converge, and focus the image at the same time, which is pretty challenging, especially in a long-term perspective. So, watching 3D movies can not only disappoint you in terms of the plot or the effects, but also cause headaches, eye redness, tension, blood pressure problems, etc. Supposedly, our environment is bad enough to cause additional stresses for your body without a good reason.

Another thing to be mentioned speaking about 3D movies is the fact that not every movie suits this format. A very few plots have a chance to potentially set the place ablaze. The directors just donít pay attention to this fact; they release the movie and shoot a sequel if it succeeds. Although the results have consistently proven almost impossible to predict accurately, such slapdash rarely works. Generally speaking, this is the major problem about 3D nowadays. Itís like Russian roulette: you never know what youíll get when go to another premiere. Each and every new release is hyped, aggressively advertized in media. Itís hard to resist when you see all those amazing trailers and bright commercials, but still, you have no guarantees.
Add stupid glasses covered with oily fingerprints, stuffed cinemas full of screaming kids (you have probably noticed that the vast majority of 3D movies are kids-oriented. Itís easier to create a picturesque scene if it is some sort of a fairytale, and this genre is one of the most beloved by 3D directors), and the pleasure from watching a movie is no longer appears to be so big. So, the list of Cons is quite long, which explains the debates connected with the prospects of 3D industry.

So, apparently the answer to the question ďTo 3D or not to 3d?Ē isnít that easy to find. Indisputably, 3D adds some points to the overall impression, but thatís not enough. All in all, nothing can save a bad movie from sinking into oblivion, including awesome effects. Choose carefully and donít let all those money-makers play their dirty tricks on you. New technology just supplements the art but do not define it... Be wise, choose the best movies!

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