3C Bromo-Dragonfly Linked To Young Adult Deaths

By: Ben Pate

Designer drugs are very popular right now in the drug world. Designer drugs are those drugs that are created in home laboratories made by street chemists. Because these drugs are made in make-shift labs, they are very dangers. There impurities and toxicities are ever changing and there are new versions of the latest drugs out at staggering numbers. For this reason it is very difficult to track the use of these drugs and to actually form laws making the manufacturing, selling, and use of these drugs illegal. 3C Bromo-Dragonfly, is one of these drugs, it is a more potent form of 2C E and is linked to a number of deaths of young people throughout the world. Young adults are at risk when it comes to designer drugs. This is why it's so important that any young adult with a substance abuse problem seek help at a young adult drug rehab. It could save their life.

3C Bromo-Dragonfly

The designer drug 3C Bromo-Dragonfly is similar to that of 2C E, however confusing the two could mean certain death. 3C Bromo-Dragonfly is far more potent than its predecessor 2C E, and has been responsible for the death of a number of teens across the world. Thinking they are taking 2C E, individuals end up overdosing and risking serious injury or a violent death.

Designer Drugs

There are multiple dangers that go along with consumption of a designer narcotic. Since they are generally homemade their properties are rarely managed properly. Another danger is when people show up at hospitals as a result of a designer drug overdose, doctors often do not know what methods to employ to help counter the mystery drug. These designer drugs are easily purchased online or on the streets. Due to the lack of public knowledge up to this point it is very difficult for authorities to do anything to curb this trend.


In the current designer drug market, a growing trend seems to be drugs with hallucinogenic properties. 3C Bromo-Dragonfly, belonging to the phenethylamine family, is no different. It is in fact a very strong hallucinogen that has serious side effects. If taken in small doses it can produce an effect similar to that of LSD. What young people don't understand, however, is that LSD does not cause problems with heart rate or blood flow. 3C Bromo-Dragonfly, if overdosed on, will increase your heart rate rapidly. This is what causes death in most cases.


This drug is taken mainly because of the high and tripping that it produces. However depending on the batch and the impurities it can be a very dangerous high. Some have reported great visual experiences while others have just experienced twitching. Other side effects include increased heart rate, vomiting, and seizures along with horrifying hallucinations which can precede death. Those who survive an overdose will suffer long lasting effects. If you're addicted, seek counseling.

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Designer drugs are on the rise in the world, they are being produced and distributed faster than officials and researchers can regulate them. For this reason they are often sold legally. These drugs are very dangerous and have horrifying side effects including death. Young adults are attracted to these substances and they are marketed towards them, this is why it's so important to educate young adults about drugs and the effects of drugs.

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