3 Tips To Choosing Your Perfect Bed

By: Philip Pendleton

When you’re out shopping for a new platform bed there are a number of things to consider. In this article we’ll go through the steps of choosing that perfect bed for your room. Choosing the right size, construction and style can make all the difference in your bedroom décor. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need to consider before making your choice.

The first thing to consider is the size of your bed. The size of the bed can make a difference in your bedroom both in the comfort of your sleep space and in the amount of space used throughout the room. The larger the bed the more space that is needed so consider carefully what your bedroom can accommodate. King and California king size beds present the largest size in beds and if your room is large enough these beds will do the job for you when a large sleeping surface is required. Queen and full size beds are the next sizes available. These are typically the most popular sizes to work with in a bedroom as they are still large enough to sleep two people but take up less space than a king size bed. Twin size is the smallest size available and is usually reserved for smaller bedrooms. Twin beds work best for one person and can be used in small bedrooms or dorm rooms due to the fact they take up such a small amount of wall space.

Sometimes you might need a smaller bed like a twin or full size but need the length of a queen or king bed. If this is the case then you’ll want to consider extra long beds. Extra long beds or XL beds as they are also called offer you the width of a standard bed can give you the length of a queen size. These beds are great for taller adults or young adults looking for a bed to fit a smaller space. The advantage of the twin extra long bed is that it is a 39" x 80" size bed versus the 39" x 75" size of a standard twin bed. The same can also be said for a full extra long bed which measures 54" x 80" versus the standard full size bed which measures at 54" x 75". These beds can provide a great alternative to other sizes if you’re looking for something more unique.

Once you have the size of your platform bed figured out the next thing you’ll want to decide on is the construction of the bed. Platform beds are generally offered in two materials. Wood platform beds, are available in both domestic and import models. The domestic wood beds are made in the United States and will often be made from oak, ash, maple, hickory or any number of other North American woods. Import beds are made overseas typically from tropical hardwoods or rubber wood which is a common hardwood found throughout many of the Pacific Rim countries. Domestic woods will offer you a traditional look with rich wood grains and finishes that compliment many of today’s stains and wood trim found throughout homes here in North America. Import woods offer an exotic look that typically will have very unique grain or will be void of grain all together. You’ll have to do some research into these various styles to determine what you’re looking for in your new bed.

After you have chosen the size and construction for your new platform bed you’ll need to determine the style of bed you’re looking for. In the world of furniture, there are three main styles of furniture. The first is traditional bedroom furniture. Traditional beds and furniture feature old world designs that make use of wood as a primary material and will feature ornate and decorative designs. There are many sub-categories to traditional bedroom furniture that include arts and crafts, mission, Amish and Stickley designs just to name a few. The second style is called modern or contemporary. Modern bedroom furniture feature clean lines and often bring different materials together such as glass, wood and metal to create original designs. The third and final main category of bedroom furniture is called transitional. These furniture pieces provide a crossover between traditional and modern designs. If you’re not quite a traditional or modern design person, the transitional line of bedroom furniture may be the perfect choice for your home.

In this article we’ve looked at the different choices you’ll need to make before choosing a new platform bed or bedroom set. Finding the right size bed is a great first step and you’ll want to pick from twin, full, queen, king or extra long bed sizes. You’ll also want to decide if you want the a domestic bed made in North America from common woods found here such as oak, ash, hickory and others that will give you a traditional wood grain look. Or you may want an import bed made from exotic tropical hardwoods with a more unique look. Finally you’ll want to choose the style of bed or bedroom set for your home that fits in with your unique style. Choose from traditional, modern or transitional furniture to meet your bedroom décor needs. I hope this article has provided you with some direction when making your choice in new bedroom furniture. Ultimately it comes down to finding the furniture you love as well as furniture both you or your family can enjoy for many years to come.

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P.Pendleton is a furniture professional of over 15 years. He enjoys writing about new trends in furniture. He invites you to learn more about platform beds and mattresses.

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