3 Reasons to Hire an Atlanta Accident Attorney

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Nearly 17,000 car accidents are reported everyday to local authorities in the United States. That is only a partial number of all auto accidents injury that occur on a daily basis. Other types of accidents include Atlanta slip and falls accident, Atlanta pedestrian accidents, hospital or physician Atlanta medical malpractice and the list goes on. We will discuss five circumstances when it is necessary to hire an accident attorney.

Atlanta Auto Accidents

Human error is the #1 reason for auto accidents in Atlanta. Drivers do not intend to harm others when they violate a traffic law. That is why every driver is required to carry auto insurance to protect them from financial ruin when if they make a mistake.

Auto insurance companies are in business to make a profit. They will fight to pay as little as possible even on a legitimate claim. An Atlanta auto accident attorney who specializes in working with insurance companies will work to get a client everything he has coming to him. Many Atlanta auto accident attorneys have expertise in handling cases involving bicycles, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles.

Pedestrians accidents are also protected by auto insurance and require a Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney. A pedestrian who observes traffic laws but is injured by a negligent driver should be compensated for auto injuries as well.

Atlanta Slip and Fall Accidents

It is estimated that nearly 20,000 people are injured per day in the United States due to a slip or fall. The fall may be from a ladder, roof or from some other high place above the ground. Or the victim could slip on a wet floor or trip over an object. If any of these occurrences happen while on the job or in a public place the victim should call a Atlanta personal injury lawyer that specializes in slip and fall injury accidents.

Slip and/or fall accidents are complicated when trying to determine who is at fault. The wise thing to do in this situation is to consult a Atlanta slip and fall accident attorney as soon as possible. He or she can investigate a case to determine if the victim has any grounds for a lawsuit in order to be compensated for his or her injuries.

Atlanta Medical Malpractice

When someone is admitted into a hospital or clinic or subjects his life and health to the expertise of medical professionals they expect to receive the correct care. However, diagnosis errors, surgical mistakes, medication errors and general Atlanta medical malpractice occur every day. Human error is the major cause with malfunctioning of equipment in second place.

Physicians and other medical professionals carry major medical insurance coverage to protect their patients and themselves in case of Atlanta medical malpractice. However, medical malpractice is hard to prove and you need an Atlanta personal injury lawyer that is also a Atlanta medical malpractice attorney. It is imperative that your personal injury attorney skilled in medical malpractice cases be consulted as soon as possible if you suspect a medical professional made a mistake.

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These are the reasons to Hire an Atlanta Accident Attorney.

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