3 Qualities of a Good Builder

By: Robert jon

There are three traits in a qualified, proficient that you should look for when you are hiring a builder to build a new or remodel an existing home: Reliable, Responsive and Results-Driven. There are other factors which are very important such as affordable and experienced, but most of these can be classified under these three main categories. Letís take a closer look at each.

Being reliable-- and this doesnít matter what type of industry someone is in-- is the cornerstone which will make or break that business. Being reliable for a builder means being able to fulfill the commitments made to a client. A contractor should work hard to be accurate on his bids, to be honest about the timeframes for completion and should be able to achieve the desired results set forth by the client.

The problem arises in that so many contractors claim to be reliable that the term is in jeopardy of being a cliche. Any contractor if asked if he is reliable is going to answer in the affirmative. However, try asking past clients if said builder was reliable and you may get a different answer. That is the most common complaint among dissatisfied clients is that their builder was not reliable. They said and promised all the right things to get the contract, but where were they after the contract had been signed?

Being reliable does not mean being perfect. Mistakes will happen. Challenges that create delays will occur, but the builder committed to his client will make sure to hold himself to the highest standard possible to keep these errors and omissions to a minimum.

Responsiveness refers to how a builder communicates with his client. This is so critical in the design/build process. An unresponsive contractor can make a great job okay and a struggling job a nightmare. Being responsive means open dialogue, listening to what the client is saying, not being afraid to saying something cannot be done.

The third trait of being driven for results suggests that the builder, his support staff, his subcontractors, the entire organization is dedicated to making sure a job is seen through to completion. So many homeowners have seen an otherwise wonderful build job or remodel experience fall apart because the last five percent of the job wasnít done. The builder has moved on to the next job, and now this homeowner feels jilted or dismissed.

By maintaining these lofty goals-- reliability, responsiveness and driven for results-- a builder can feel confident that he brings the required skill set to any project. The outcome is a pleased client who is happy to promote the contractorís business and a contractor who can look forward to future work.

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